Luxury Barber Box Review August 2015

Luxury Barber August 2015 11

Luxury Barber Box is a monthly grooming box for Men and I've really come to enjoy it. They've done an exceptional job putting this subscription together; it's classy and professional. You basically receive all the grooming products you need in one nice little box. It allows you to test new products and create a new grooming routine or keeps you prepared for that last minute weekend getaway - empty the contents of your box into your travel bag and … [Read more...]

Distinct Style Co Instream
FabFitFun Instream

Navy Dress & A Sailor Sweater – Magnolia Post Co & Golden Tote

Navy Dress Magnolia Post 16

I look like I am going sailing or to a Seattle Seahawks game but I promise I'm not. However....if I ever do go to a game I have my outfit ready to go! Is it bad to be so matchy? Sometimes I think it is and sometimes I think it's not; it's totally dependant on my mood. Anyways, today I was into the matchy outfit vibe and was very excited to pull out this comfy sweater. I'm totally ready for Summer to end and am super antsy to get the rest of my … [Read more...]

The Monthly Gift Review August 2015

The Monthly Gift August 2015 5

The Monthly Gift is a new subscription box for us ladies; it's a monthly gift ladies can actually look forward to.When you sign up for The Monthly Gift, every month you will receive a box of carefully selected products and presents for your own time of the month! If you haven't subscribed to a time of the month box before I highly recommend it, especially if you are as busy as I am. There's nothing better than getting your monthly essentials in … [Read more...]

Something Snacks Review August 2015

Something Snacks August 2015. 6

Hello, my name is Sarah and I'm a snacker. I could live on snack foods and pretty much did from the ages of 8-15. If you have ever seen the movie Mermaids with Cher that is exactly what I am going to be like when I have kids; if you haven't seen it she feeds them snack foods and only snack food for dinner every night. Now that we've got that out of the way we can talk about my love for Something Snacks; it's the perfect box for a closet snacker … [Read more...]

Adore Me Review August 2015

Adore Me August 2015 1

Adore Me is the only place I've purchased swimsuits from for the last year (maybe two). I've been so happy with the suits I have ordered that there's been no need to look elsewhere. I know we are heading into Fall but I had to place one last order before Summer is over and I also had a FREE set to use, how can you go wrong with a FREE bikini.If you aren’t familiar with Adore Me it is a monthly subscription box for lingerie that offers a … [Read more...]

My Boyfriend’s Shirt – Magnolia Post Co

My Boyfriend's Shirt - Magnolia Post Co 12

I am so in love with the "un-fit" trend for Fall that I fear I will be living in oversized clothes for the next 6 months. I always knew I wanted a loose-fitting dress shirt in my closet but now that I have one I wonder how I lived without it. I'm sure my Dad will have something to say about it though. I can hear it now....if you don't have money to buy clothes that fit you I'm sure I can lend it to you.....I heard something similar the first time … [Read more...]

SprezzaBox Review & Coupon Code August 2015

SprezzaBox August 2015 6

I've liked SprezzaBox ever since my very first review. I think they do such a great job putting this box together; everything is just so professional. However, none of the men in my life fit the Sprezza Man profile. My brother and Dad prefer guns and tractors to ties and pocket squares. So when my best friends husband got a new job that requires him to wear ties and dress shirts I was ecstatic! Finally, someone who will appreciate SprezzaBox for … [Read more...]

Tofu & Broccoli Pasta – Little Life Box

Tofu & Broccoli Pasta - Little Life Box 4

Oh my gosh! I think I've found my new favorite recipe! I received GoGo Qunioa Amaranth pasta in one of my Little Life Boxes and have been looking forward to using it for a few months now (yes I was slow with this one). I try not to use store-bought sauces if I can help it so I was very excited when I found out that I can make my own tomato sauce in the blender with just a few ingredients. The sauce turned out WAY better than I expected and paired … [Read more...]

FabKids Review August 2015

FabKids August 2015 3

Did you all know that FabKids ships to Canada?? I had no clue; why didn't someone tell me. I have been ordering from FabKids for over a year now and always had to get it shipped to my US mailing address, and then out of nowhere I have the option to ship it to Canada...who knew! Anyways, this is great news. I love FabKids and love it even more now that I don't have to drive 4 hours to pick it up.If you aren’t familiar with FabKids it is a … [Read more...]

Floral Kimono Take Two – Magnolia Post Co

Floral Kimono - Magnolia Post Co 14

Who knew a thin little piece of fabric could be so amazing! I absolutely adore this Magnolia Post Co kimono and I certainly wasn't expecting to. I'm not really a kimono girl; I've tried a few on in the past and they were more annoying than anything. They didn't sit on my shoulders properly, would constantly fall off, and didn't flatter my shape. Then I try on this little number and instantly fell in love. I styled it last week with a black maxi … [Read more...]