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Snackbox is a monthly subscription box that sends you healthy, natural snack foods each month. I always look forward to receiving this box. I always receive something I’ve never tried before. I LOVE the snack sizes because it helps me with portion control and they are perfect for my snack drawer at work.


Nature’s Path – Qi’a Superfood Cereal in Cranberry Vanilla flavour (225g, $7.99) – I am enjoying the cereals, granolas and such, it kind of forces me to eat breakfast or at least a mid morning snack which has really increased my energy. Very excited for the Chia seeds, they are so good for you.


Rocket Foods – Apple Berry Jazz Oatmeal On-The-Go (85g/3oz tub, $4.00) – these go to work with me for the days when I leave the house without eating. I LOVE that they come in their own little container.


Angie’s – Boom Chicka Pop Sea Salt Popcorn (0.6oz, $0.60) – I keep seeing this brand around and have heard good things about it, I am very glad they included it.


Brother’s All Natural – Pear Fruit Crisps (10g bag, $1) – not too excited about these because I have received them before. They will go in my snack bin at work (which I also use in the staff room for employees).


Mediterranean Snacks – Tapaz 2 Go (101g, $3.85) – this was the first thing I ate, loved it!


Dan-D Pak – Maca’damia Nuts in Sea Salt (4.5oz, $5.99) – I was very happy to see a whole tin of nuts. Great value!


Gimme Organic – Roasted Seaweed Snacks (5g, $1.49) – I’ve tried another brand of seaweed snacks and really enjoyed them, again I am glad to see new brands that I have not tried.


King Island – Coconut Milk Beverage (250ml, $1.33) – I love that they mix up the products and include sweet, salty, breakfast, drinks, etc..


Homefree Chocolate Chip Cookies (27g, $1.49) – I am ALWAYS on the look out for healthy cookies!


Brookside – Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry (20g, $0.50) – again, this makes me happy with the variety of the box, always need a little chocolate and love the size of the pack, very good portion control.


KIND – Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bar (1 bar, $1.99) – I have received this brand of bar before but in a different flavor, I don’t mind though because I love receiving any kind of granola bar to put in my purse.


Mary’s Gone Crackers – Chocolate Chip Cookie (1 cookie, 0.35oz, $0.25) – I love this brand!! I use to live on the crackers and am very excited to try the cookies.

The Box: Snackbox

Cost: $33 per month (if you sign up for the 6 month plan it is only $24 per month)

What You Get: 8-10 healthy snack foods delivered to your door. The snacks are gluten-free and all natural; most of them are also soy-free and vegan.

Ships to Canada: YES

Shipping Cost: $6.95

Coupon Code: use code “AYEAROFBOXES” and get $15.00 off your first Snackbox, code expires November 30, 2013.

Referral Program: None

Thoughts: As always, I love this box. I never have anything bad to say about it. The amount of products is perfect because just as I am about to run out of the snacks the next box shows up and I get to replenish my snack box in the pantry and at work. It is the perfect way to learn about new products and it’s great for keeping your portions under control. If I have the full-size products of these items I eat way too many. Basically I just all around love Snackbox. Would definitely recommend this one!!


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