Courtny McFarland

Courtny is an avid reader, tea drinker, and loves all things natural! She is a Youtuber and blogger who reviews books, teas, clothes, and LOVES trying new things!

Reviewing since: 06/2018
Location: Oklahoma USA
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Connect with Courtny McFarland


Courtny has a YouTube channel, Instagram, and blog all under the name Courtagonist. She review books, subscription boxes, life style, and more!

It is a passion to connect to her followers and to really recommend items that she believes are wonderfully amazing and are worth their time and money.

Additonal Info:

I love book boxes, tea, natural goods, boho items, yoga, and more! I have an Instagram profile that has over 900 followers and growing everyday. I’ll take gorgeous pictures of products I have to review. I also have a YouTube handle with 1,400+ subscribers.

I also wanted to let you know that As of June 22nd, 2018, I currently have:

– 1,335 Blog Followers
– 1,413 Youtube Subscribers
– 319 Goodreads Friends & Followers
– 1,139 Twitter Followers
– 941 Instagram Followers


Box Categories:

  • Book boxes
  • Stationary
  • Teas
  • Natural Items
  • Jewelry
  • Yoga

Review Timeline:

I will typically review everything in the box a week within getting it. I want to make sure to try out, use, eat, and enjoy every aspect of the box before I formulate my review.

Photo Policy:

Please contact me before using my photos. I would love to make sure that all of the editing it perfect for the avenue that you want to use them in. I also would like to get credit for the photo as well with my social media handle @courtagonist

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