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Go ahead, take a peek! Chock-full of 100%, American made products, America’s Box features a variety of high quality goods that you can use with pride. It’s a piece of America – delivered right to your door.

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Made in America Means Something

America’s Box is a unique, subscription-based service that delivers 100% American made products directly (even the Box and packaging we use are 100% USA Made) to your door every month. For just $29.99 or $49.99, your America’s Box includes only the finest merchandise, crafted by the backbone of America — small businesses committed to making products with pride, craftsmanship and American spirit.

All of our products are locally sourced and designed with attention to detail.

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Terms & Conditions:

1. Select Your Subscription Plan

With America’s Box, you can enroll to receive a monthly subscription or you can purchase three and six month subscriptions for a discount when paid in full. You also have the option to purchase a one-time box as a gift for yourself or someone special.

2. Purchase
After you choose your monthly plan, all new customers will automatically receive the America’s Welcome Box the first month no matter when you sign up. Your next box will be the following month’s scheduled themed box. For monthly enrollment, your subscription will automatically renew and your credit card will be processed on the same day each month.
Example: If you sign up on the 4th of any month, your credit will be charged on the 4th for subsequent months.
3.  Shipping
Due to overwhelming support for the American Worker, your monthly box will be shipped 5-7 days after your sign-up date each month.
  • If you sign up on the 7th of any month, your box will ship out  5-7 days after the 7th of each month.
  • If you sign up before the 25th of each month, your first box will be the Welcome Box and your second box will be next months themed box.
  • If you sign up after the 25th of each month, your first box will be the Welcome Box and your second box will not be the next months themed box, but the box from the month after.
  • All subscriptions are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Once the box leaves our facility, it usually takes 1-3 business days for delivery.
    •  Why do we ship USPS Priority?  We at America’s Box use USPS Priority mail because we support the 220,000 postal jobs, 3,700 post office locations and 300 mail processing plants.
4. Cancel Anytime
With no contracts or long-term commitments, you are free to cancel your subscription at any time. If you wish to cancel please email with your request. 

5. Use Your American Made Products With Pride
Each month, you’ll receive unique products 100% made in America by Americans, showcasing our country’s innovation, craftsmanship, spirit and pride.
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