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Shipping since: March 2018
$79.95 per season

Be Loved Boxes is a quarterly box that is designed to encourage, uplift and spoil moms at all stages.

Shipping: $10 Canada, FREE in BC
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Ships from: Canada
Ships: Quarterly
Currency: CAD
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Be Loved Boxes are designed to encourage, uplift and spoil moms at all stages. By promoting self-care and supportive gift giving this is an opportunity to Love and Be Loved. This is a quarterly box that follows the seasons.

Be Loved handpicks products from Local Canadian businesses. We all know a person making a living doing what they are passionate about, whether it is a maker a creator, a wholesaler or an independent salesperson.

Be Loved wants to make a difference in our Canadian economy by supporting families and purchasing locally.

For every box we sell, $1 will be donated to an organization that supports Mamas battling with Mental Heath, Post Partum, Loss, Reproductive Struggles and many other mama related matters. Be Loved Boxes believes that every mom, regardless of what they are going through, deserves to Be Loved!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Be Loved handpicks products from Local Canadian businesses. Every item is picked with moms in mind, our goal is to make you feel to pampered and spoiled.

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Where are Be Loved Boxes shipped from?

Be Loved Boxes are packaged and shipped out of Prince George B.C

What services are used to ship the boxes?

We use local couriers and Canada Post to send your boxes to you.

Where do the items in the box come from?

All the products you receive in your Be Loved Box are handpicked from local Canadian artisans.

How many boxes are there in a year?

There are 4 boxes for each year. These are sent out seasonally (Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter).

When will my box be shipped out in that season?

You can purchase a box anytime in that 3 month season and boxes will be shipped out by the 15th of that month.

Can I purchase as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Please do! You can purchase for someone as a gift or anonymously.

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