Charcoal Expressions

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$34.95 per month
Charcoal Expressions... where you experience charcoal drawing through guided lessons with Artist Robert Gorder.
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Enjoy the Challenge of creating with Charcoal Expressions. These monthly kits will give you the chance to create 2 drawings per month. Each drawing creates a different experience with a new challenge. Charcoal Artist Robert Gorder will send the tried and true supplies you need to make a ready-to-frame piece of Art and instruct you through online tutorials. Links to these tutorials are included in the monthly magazine.

Customers have described these drawing boxes as relaxing, therapeutic, fun alone or with friends, stress-relieving and promoting creativity.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each Charcoal Expressions box is complete with all the supplies you need to complete 2 charcoal drawing sessions per month with Robert. Charcoal, paper, pencils, eraser refills (when needed), the magazine and any other items that are unique to the specific drawings for that month. Paper is 11×14 and we include a matte show kit for easy framing.

There is a one time charge of $15 for the introductory supply pack. This pack includes all the necessary reusable items needed, like erasers, t-square, blending tools, Plexiglass, etc. After the first shipment, the normal charge of $34.95 is assessed per month.

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Why do I need to purchase an Intro Kit? There is a one time fee of $15 which is for the introductory supply pack. This will ensure you have the complete set of tools needed to create both drawings.

When will the box arrive? Subscription boxes will be delivered on or near the first of the month; the same time the Online Tutorial Videos will go live. Open it up and get ready to get dirty with charcoal.

When do I need to subscribe by to get the box for the next month? Those who subscribe by the 15th of the month will receive their box on or near the first of the following month.

Are single month subscriptions available? Yes in the “Supplies” tab on the website.

Are past months available for purchase? Yes. Single month purchases of past month drawings are available in the “Supplies” tab. Shipping is charged on these items for total purchases less than $34.95.

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