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$9.95 per dress
Each of our premium dresses rents for just $9.95 for a week with free dry cleaning and expedited shipping included!
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Ships from: USA
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Choltry [chol-tree] is a direct-to-consumer fashion brand specializing in premium women dresses in rich fabric. We are empowering budget conscious women to look their best without spending hundreds of dollars – Every outfit in our collection rents for just $9.95 for a week with free dry cleaning and expedited shipping included! No monthly subscription is required.

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What You Get: One outfit to rent for a week + Free shipping both ways + Free dry cleaning

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What is Choltry?

Choltry [chol-tree] is our premium women office wear brand with elegant designs and trendy styles in rich fabric. Rather than selling, we rent our dresses for just $9.95 for a week. We offer a constantly refreshing wardrobe with complimentary dry cleaning and free two-way shipping included. It’s your personal on-demand closet available at your fingertips that costs less than dry cleaning and comes without any monthly subscription contracts.

How does it work?

Every dress in our collection is priced at only $9.95 per week. After thorough cleaning and quality inspection, our outfits are rented to our patrons who pay only a fraction of the retail price. Our on-demand process is very simple.

  1. Pick one or more styles that you would like to rent for a week. Your selected apparels are delivered to you for free through expedited shipping (1-3 days) along with a prepaid return shipping bag.
  2. Wear your new looks as many times as you want for one week. You keep what you love for 50% off retail price and return the rest in the prepaid shipping bag.
  3. Don’t worry about cleaning the dresses before returning. We take care of it for you at no extra charge.​

Are deliveries and returns free in the US?

Yes! Shipping is free both ways everywhere in the US including Alaska and Hawaii. You get free expedited shipping on all your orders with your dresses delivered in 1 to 3 days.

Can I purchase the apparels that I like?

Definitely and you get 50% off the retail price for the dresses that you want to buy. Our dresses retail at $150. So you pay only $75 after the discount is applied. Please e-mail us at [email protected] regarding the apparels that you would like to add to your wardrobe.

What sizes do you carry?

We carry sizes S, M, L and XL.

What kind of fabric do you use?

We use premium woven fabric with high GSM. Our fabric is primarily polyester with 3 to 6% elastane for a rich body hugging look.

How do you ensure quality and cleanliness when your apparels have been worn before?

Upon return all our apparels undergo a rigorous cleaning process. We take out all the unfit apparels from supply and offer only those apparels that are good to be worn again. They are thoroughly cleaned and inspected before we ship them to you.

Do you have any specific care instructions for the dresses?

All our garments are dry clean only. Please follow the instructions on the wash care label that’s attached on the inside of the garment.

We offer free dry cleaning so you don’t have to worry about cleaning the dresses.

What if my dress has some creases?

We strive to deliver your dresses in perfect condition. Every dress is dry cleaned and then steamed and pressed – they are ready to wear when they come to you. In case there are slight wrinkles then please remove them using steam iron on low heat. However don’t iron on trims.

What does your free dry cleaning cover?

Free dry cleaning is included with every order. It covers treatment of minor stains and takes care of normal wear and tear. You just wear your dresses, send them back and we take care of dry cleaning.

What if I accidentally damage or lose my dress?

Minor mishaps and general wear and tear to your dresses are covered in your order through free dry cleaning. In case of major damage, lost apparel and theft, you will be charged the retail price of the dress $150 plus applicable tax.

When should I return my apparels?

Every order comes with one week rental. Note the day of the week on which you receive your order. To avoid late fee you should initiate your return on or before the same weekday in the next week.

How do I return?

Your package comes with a return shipping bag with prepaid return label. After wearing your dresses you just put them in the return bag and drop it off at your nearest FedEx store or drop box. Please make sure that you put all the return dresses in the bag before sending it. We provide only one free return bag per order. You must use the return packaging that we provide to avail free return.

What happens if I don’t start my return before my rental period ends?

For each day over the rental duration, you incur a late fee of $5 per apparel per day subject to a maximum late fee of $150 per apparel plus applicable tax. Apparels become non-returnable if their return is not initiated within 30 days after the end of the rental period. At that time you can keep them permanently.

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