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Crate of Good is a quarterly subscription box that contains products with a powerful, social impact tied to their purchase.

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Crate of Good is a quarterly subscription box containing products with a powerful, social impact tied to its purchase. The products in the box each make a quarterly impact in one of these four globally felt causes: Animals, Children, Environment and Poverty.

We are the only subscription box that empowers the subscriber to choose where the impact is made, and they get this choice of where we provide additional support with a percentage of their box profit every single quarter.

Additonal Info:

But What’s in the Box?

The products highlight one of four causes: Animals, Children, Environment and Poverty. They could be from item categories such as apparel, accessories, household items, or food & drink.

Why Does It Matter?

Our box makes some incredible impacts such as providing clean water to someone in poverty, rescuing wolves from captivity, giving hungry children a meal, or removing waste from the environment.

User Reviews

Average Rating: 5
  1. Kristen Mae

    This box is all about making a social impact. The signup process begins by selecting which cause (animals, children, environment or poverty) you want CoG to make an impact donation to on your behalf. I chose to provide 7 days of meals to an at-risk youth in summer camp! I got my box in two days and love love love the products I received. They include postcards with the specific impact connected to each product and background info on the organizations. Can’t wait for my next box!!


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How often do you release new boxes?
Our box subscription is released quarterly.

Will I ever receive the same product in two different quarterly boxes?
No, you will never receive the same product more than once. However, there is a possibility of receiving a similar product, from a different brand, in a future box.

Can I purchase Crate of Good for someone else?
Yes, you can gift up to four boxes via our Gift page.

How do quarterly subscriptions work?
The Quarterly Box Subscription will automatically renew every quarter as long as your billing information is valid and you haven’t canceled.

What if a product in my order is damaged?
Any product that is broken, damaged, or defective will be replaced at no charge. Just message us for help.

Where is my order?
Check your confirmation email and make sure you entered the correct address at checkout. If all is right, check your tracking information. If you have any questions about your tracking information or if you have not received your order, please contact your local post office and they will be able to assist you in tracking your package. If they are unable to assist you, please message us and we will be happy to investigate further.

How can I track my order?
Once your order has been shipped, you will always receive a confirmation email with your tracking information. Didn’t receive a confirmation? Let us know and we’ll send one your way!

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