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Eco Woman Box is perfect for any woman concerned about the quality of her everyday products as well as reducing her own carbon footprint!
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Box Details:

Our Eco Woman Box is perfect for any woman concerned about the quality of her everyday products as well as reducing her own carbon footprint !

The Eco Woman Box gives you peace of mind : all our products are strictly eco friendly and made of ingredients you can pronounce, we bring Mother Nature’s goodness right to your door, every 2 months! Our eco-friendly, natural products were made with top-quality ingredients and are not filled with chemicals and artificial scents.

Caring for our Blue Planet is an important part of our mission so we only included top-quality ecological ingredients and materials.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: By subscribing to the Eco Woman Box you don’t only get 7-8 full-sized eco friendly, natural products once every 2 months, you also show your support to local entrepreneurs, as all our products are made/designed by North-American artisans!

User Reviews

Average Rating: 5
  1. bathdiva

    I love my box! The value is great, the customer service is excellent. I like that we choose the items out of a whole list, this is really customization! And there was a really nice and sweet welcome gift in my box!


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Why purchase the Eco Box ?

Our Eco Boxes are made of 100% eco-friendly products, made/designed in North America. Whenever you purchase an Eco Box, you support a local artisan and we donate 1$/box to an Environmental charity (See our Facebook Page). Being eco-friendly is not a trend, it is our future if we want to preserve our Dear Earth !

How does it work ?

Our experts carefully curate and hand-pick 7-8 Full-sized products to ensure you only get the best eco friendly North American products ! The average value of our boxes is 100$+ but you get all those items for only 39.95 because we want eco friendly products to be accessible to everyone!Once you subscribe to the Eco Box, you’ll receive a box including 7-8 Full-sized products, every 2 months !

When will I be billed ?

You will be billed on the 5th every 2 months and your box will be shipped to you by the 15th of the same month ! We offer Free Express shipping for orders shipping to Canada and the United States !That also means all orders must be placed before the 5th, if you want to make sure to receive it within the same month ! Don’t worry though : if you have any concern, simply contact our Eco Team and we will help you the best we can !

What about shipping and delivery?

We will ship your Eco Box as soon as it is ready, however our boxes are normally shipped between the 15th and 25th of each month. We usually deliver through Canada Post, USPS, Fedex, DHL. Shipping is free and usually takes between 2-5 business days if you are located in Canada or the United States. If you are located elsewhere, please consult our Shipping Policy.

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