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Shipping since: December 2016

Curated Wellness Products, Yoga Tools + Accessories and Self-Care Rituals Delivered Monthly.

Shipping: $4.99 US, $9.99 Canada, $16.99 Europe & Australia
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
Currency: USD
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Feeling Fab is a premium curated subscription of wellness products, yoga accessories, and self-care tools designed to enhance your lifestyle by creating daily rituals of mindful wellness and holistic self-care. Take your yoga off the mat and into your life.

Additonal Info:

We all could all use an extra dose of living mindfully and practicing self-care in our everyday routines—which is why we created the Feeling Fab box, to give you the raw materials and encouragement to make a little more time for yourself.

Box Details:

  • Yoga accessories, tips and tools
  • Natural self-care and clean beauty
  • Wellness rituals and zen guides
  • Collect zen points and get free products
  • Pause or cancel anytime
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If you sign up today, you will be immediately billed for your first Feeling Fab Box. If you sign up before the 30th (or 31st) of the month, you will receive the next month box (for example, if you sign up before January 30th, you will receive a February box that should arrive approximately between February 14th and 17th).

Absolutely, you must do so before the next bill date, which is on the 18th of each month. Otherwise, you will continue to be billed for the following month’s box. To unsubscribe from your monthly subscription, please log in to your account and click cancel. There are no cancellation fees. Canceling your account does not provide you a refund for any paid boxes, nor does it stop a pending charge. Your cancellation will go into effect for the following billing cycle.

Yes! Yo can skip a month by logging into your account and selecting ‘Skip a Month’ option. You must do so before our renewal date, which is 18th of every month.

Boxes are usually shipped the second week of the month. However, occasionally delays may occur due to extreme weather, holidays or any other unforeseen circumstances. If you are missing your box, give an extra few days and shoot us an email to FabMail@FeelingFabBox.com

All sales are final and nonrefundable; even if they have yet to ship. However, your feedback is important to us, if you are having any issues please let us know. If your FFB arrives damaged, we are more than happy to send you a replacement if inventory allows. Please email us at fabmail@feelingfabbox.com to inquire.

If you are signed up for a Month to Month Plan, you will be billed $28.99 plus $4.99 flat shipping fee ($14.99 for Canadian customers) on the 18th of every month. If you subscribe to our 6 Month Prepay, you will pay discounted rate $156.90 (instead of $173.94, you are saving 10%) at sign up. Shipping charges of $4.99 per month will be added to your bill. Your membership will renew automatically unless canceled before next bill date, which will be the 18th of the renewal month. If you subscribe to our 12 Month Prepay, you will pay discounted rate $313.80 (instead of $347.8) at sign up. You will also receive a FREE Feeling Fab mini box upon your subscription. Shipping charges of $4.99 per month will be added to your bill. Your membership will renew automatically unless canceled before next bill date, which will be the 18th of the renewal month.

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