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Because being cool different is awesome!

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Gen YZ Box is a new subscription box for everyone else. Because being cool different is awesome! It’s a monthly box of awesomeness filled with cool, unique finds for amazing girls and young women.  The value in each box is guaranteed to be at least $90!

Gen Y Box is recommended for ages 16+.  There are special items we include specifically for this box that will be curated for this age group.

Gen Z Box we recommend for ages 15 and under.  This box also includes different items that are curated specifically for the Gen Zers.



Additonal Info:

What You Get: Every month, our Gen Y Box and Gen Z Box subscribers will receive a rad package filled with unique items, cool items from brands they may not have discovered yet and most importantly, products that will put a smile on your face.

When you subscribe,  you have the option to select from 2 different boxes. Gen Y box is designed for those who are ages 16 and up.  Our Gen Z Box is recommended for the younger generation.

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Boxes ship on the first of each month.  If the first falls on a weekend or a long weekend, it will be shipped the first business day afterwards.

We do not offer returns on our boxes.  However if there is a problem with something in your box, please reach out to use and we will work with you to fix it.



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