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$54.95 quarterly
Good Stuff Box is the Little Box with BIG Impact!
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Good Stuff is a quarterly lifestyle subscription box featuring the best socially- and environmentally- conscious products available in Canada, they are committed to Canadian consumers who want to make the world a better place and believe their purchases can contribute to this wish. Good Stuff exists to provide customers with a premium subscription service that they can feel proud to be a part of, knowing that the brands behind the socially- and environmentally-conscious lifestyle products they are receiving are working hard to do good and have a positive impact in the world around them. Good Stuff is not just a subscription service, but also a social network of Canadian change-makers striving to become a leader in socially- and environmentally-conscious living, and to work with partner charities to give back and reinvest profits to do even more good.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Each quarterly Good Stuff Box contains 4-6 full-sized health & lifestyle items plus additional coupons and sample products.

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What Comes in a Box?

Each Good Stuff box will feature 4-6 full-sized health & lifestyle items from top-notch companies working to create positive change. In addition to the products, you will also receive a link to a blog post with more information about each product, the company that made it, and the reason they do what they do. There will also be a link to a customer satisfaction survey, through which you can provide feedback to help the team at Good Stuff choose products for the next quarter.

Where do Good Stuff boxes ship?

Good Stuff is a proudly Canadian company, and only ships to Canadian customers at this time. This allows us to focus on great products from companies in Canada, making it easy for our customers to buy a product again without the hassle of international shipping or duties.

Does Good Stuff offer Refunds or Returns?

Unfortunately, given the subscription nature of our business, we do not offer returns or refunds on our boxes or any portion thereof.

We strive to ensure that our boxes are carefully packaged so as to avoid damaged products. That said, accidents may happen. If you receive a damaged box or product, please contact us within 15 calendar days of receiving your box and we will work with you to try to find a solution.

Is Good Stuff a ‘green’ company?

Yes. We strive to be as green as possible in all areas of our business operations.

Our boxes are made in Canada with FSC-certified fibres, by a company that supports several different charitable causes. The crinkle paper we use to fill our boxes is also made in Canada from 100% recycled paper. Our boxes are sealed with environmentally-friendly paper tape which is made with a 100% recycled core and 95% post-consumer recycled content. We intentionally avoid using any plastic products in our packaging, as we feel it is unnecessary and environmentally-harmful; we also want to make it as easy as possible for you to recycle your box once you’re finished with it.

In an effort to reduce waste and encourage environmental sustainability, local customers may also return their boxes to be refilled for the next quarter, if desired, rather than receiving a new box each time.

Good Stuff also recognizes that the transportation / shipping portion of our business model will always have an environmental impact. To combat this, we have implemented a Carbon Offset program. Read more about this program and our other Green Initiatives here.

Is Good Stuff a vegan company?

No. Although we feel strongly about animal welfare causes, we are not an exclusively vegan company. We may, from time to time, offer items that include animal products such as dairy in a snack item, or leather in an accessory. We do make a point to inquire about each of our partner companies’ production practices, so if you have a question about a particular product or brand, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with more information.

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