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Grounded Goods is a monthly subscription of products sourced from farms and companies that are committed to regenerative farming. Each month, you’ll get a box of beyond-organic food items, body care products and household goods whose raw ingredients were grown on regenerative farms, helping to restore ecosystems and slow down climate change!

• We do all the research, so you can find the most climate-conscious options without having to sift through all the information
• Customizable monthly boxes and gift boxes of shelf-stable, regeneratively produced food items and other household goods
• Ingredients grown in healthy soil are more nutrient-dense — an investment in your and your family’s health!
• 5% of profits go to support regenerative farmers transitioning to regenerative growing practices

Additonal Info:

The selection of products changes from month to month and is always centered around a new theme, so there’s always an element of surprise and delight in opening your box! Here are the kinds of products you’ll find inside:

• single-source coffee, chocolate, and tea grown in regenerative agroforestry systems
• nut butters and fruit preserves from regeneratively managed orchards and nut groves
• grassland-regenerating buffalo energy bars (or vegetarian/vegan alternative)
• Climate-Beneficial WoolTM items
• perennial-based flours such as Kernza® and acorn flour
• pantry items like olive oil, pasta, grains, and apple sauce from regenerative producers
• body care products with regeneratively farmed ingredients

Our boxes can be customized: simply choose omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan at checkout.

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How do the Grounded Goods subscriptions work?

Once a month, you’ll receive a box packed full of regeneratively produced, nutrient-dense food items and other goods right at your doorstep. Our monthly shipments go out the first week of the month, around the 7th. Domestic orders in the United States usually take 1-3 days to arrive.

The cut-off date for receiving the following month’s box is the last day of the month. For a monthly subscription, you are rebilled mid-month, after you receive your box.

Shipping is FREE when you sign up for a recurring subscription!

What are your environmental standards?

In selecting items for the boxes, we set the bar higher than just about anyone we know. When transporting our goods to you, we use 100% post-consumer recycled and/or biodegradable shipping materials with soy-based inks that can be either recycled or composted. We ship our boxes through USPS, which we like to work with because they’re increasingly using electric vehicles.

If I order a gift, can I put a gift message inside?

You can add custom gift notes at checkout. Just click on the “Gift Message” link on the Cart
page, and input your custom message, we’ll take care of the rest!

What are regenerative goods?

Regenerative goods are products sourced either directly from regenerative farms, or from companies that get their raw materials from regenerative farms. Read more below!

What is regenerative farming?

Regenerative farming refers to farming practices that actually improve ecosystem and soil health, rather than depleting it. It it better-than-organic, because the organic certification simply indicates the absence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, but does not guarantee that the farmer is improving soil health. Regenerative farming, by definition, builds healthy soil. And because healthy soil can pull down and store massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, regenerative farming practices contribute to slowing down global climate change.

Regenerative farming practices include minimal tilling or not tilling at all; increasing fertility through cover crops, crop rotations, compost, and animal manures instead of chemical fertilizers; well-managed animal grazing systems; and agroforestry, where trees and shrubs are deliberately integrated with crops and livestock.

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