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£39.99 every two months
The Heady Mix book box showcases books about and by underrepresented groups such as women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, those from the LGBTQI+ community and more.
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The Heady Mix book box delivers books that showcase underrepresented groups such as women, ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, those from the LGBTQI+ community and more.

Feed your curiosity with new perspectives and help talented authors get the bookshelf space they deserve.

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What You Get: Every two months, you receive 3 books, including an exclusive anthology of short stories, essays and flash fiction. You’ll also receive a surprise gift that is related to that collection’s theme.

Members are invited to events and can enjoy author interviews, podcasts & videos.

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What is Heady Mix?
Heady Mix is a new subscription book box that delivers books to your doorstep every two months. The books, featured in Heady Mix, showcase characters and writers from underrepresented groups including women, race, disabilities, LGBTQI+ and more. Heady Mix is #ChangingTheNarrative and readdressing the diversity in what we consume. With Heady Mix you can feed your curiosity by reading #BooksWithBalance . You’ll enjoy new perspectives and help talented authors get the bookshelf space they deserve.

What’s in a Heady Mix box?
Heady Mix collections are delivered to your doorstep every two months and contain three books that have been curated around a specific theme. The theme is carefully chosen to highlight an issue, a stereotype or bias that impacts the collection’s underrepresented group. The two novels, in the box, have been carefully selected by our Chief Curator, Justina. She has taken time to search out new stories that have not be shared widely enough, that offer new exciting perspectives, will enlighten you and help change the way you see the world. The third book is an anthology of stories, essays and flash fiction centred around that collection’s theme. Plus, a surprise gift is included in every box – and it too is based on the collection’s theme. The debut collection features special gifts as a thank you to the founding members that purchase it.

Can I choose what goes into my Heady Mix box?
The beauty of Heady Mix is that we help you discover new fiction that you might not have otherwise known about. We spend time sourcing and curating amazing books, for you to enjoy, that showcase underrepresented groups.

What’s the theme for the debut collection?
Heady Mix soft launches this Thursday 1st August with the debut collection theme: Loud Silence. The aim of the collection is to explore the strong voices and diverse experiences of those with partial or no hearing. We hope by showcasing these stories, people with full hearing will be curious to discover, learn more about and support those in the D/deaf community. The debut collection is a limited edition box which also includes surprise gifts for the founding members that purchase it.

What’s the price for Heady Mix membership?
Heady Mix offers a multi-platform membership that gives you three books plus a gift delivered to your doorstep every two months. As well as this, you’ll receive invites to special events and you’ll be able to access a whole range of exclusive content including more fiction, podcasts, videos and articles. Being a Heady Mix member means you’ll be reading #BooksWithBalance that will feed your curiosity and help change the way you see the world. At the same time, you’ll be supporting talented authors that don’t get the bookshelf space they deserve, We call that a win-win. Heady Mix membership is charged every two months and is £39.99+delivery. Delivery is charged is £3 for the UK. We are shipping internationally and will announce the international shipping prices when we launch. You can also buy a one-off box or save by buying a 6 month or 12 month membership. Details announced when we launch.

What’s happening for the soft launch?
Heady Mix soft launches on 1st August. Everyone who purchases the limited edition debut collection will become a Founding Member and will receive some special extras as a thank you for supporting us and for showing a commitment to #ChangingTheNarrative. One of those thank you’s is you’ll be able to purchase the debut collection at a very special promotional price on 1st August – this offer will only be revealed to email subscribers on Thursday 1st August and will only be available to use on that day, so please don’t miss it. The full website, with the online community and exclusive content (podcasts, videos, original fiction and event invites) is available in September – there will be more news on that later in the Summer.

When will I receive my Heady Mix debut collection?
Ooh, the exciting bit! The debut collection will be delivered to your doorstep between 21st – 31st August. Once you have joined, you will receive further details.

What are the perks of Founding Membership?
During the soft launch, as a founding member, you’ll have the opportunity to help shape Heady Mix. You’ll be invited to give your feedback on the debut collection as well as offer ideas on the members’ community, contribute to blogs and suggest people and content that you think aren’t getting the bookshelf space they deserve. In the debut collection, Heady Mix founding members will receive a special, limited edition Reading Journal – it will not be available in any future collections. You can use the Reading Journal to track and reflect on the books you’re reading. We hope it will inspire you to read more #BooksWithBalance and to help us #ChangeTheNarrative. Lastly, founding members will be invited to the Heady Mix launch event later in the year. If you aren’t able to attend, you’ll be sent a special gift instead.

Can I purchase just one box?
You can try Heady Mix as a one-off purchase. The price for one box is £43.98+shipping

Can I track my delivery
Yes, when the boxes are shipped, you will be notified of your tracking number.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! Prices vary depending on your country, and are shown at checkout. If you have questions about the shipping rates for a specific country, please contact us.

What’s the schedule for membership billing and deliveries for the rest of 2019?
The next box will be charged on your card automatically on 11th September, 2019 and will arrive between 5th-10th October. Then you will be charged again on 11th November and boxes will arrive in time for Christmas!

Can I buy Heady Mix as a gift?
Yes, you can, and Heady Mix makes a brilliant gift. Just select the gift option in the checkout.

How do I cancel my membership?
Oh. We’ll be sorry to see you go, but if you would like to cancel, just log into your account. You can cancel any time. Please check our terms and conditions for more details.

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