Homewood Candles

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$25 per month

Invitingly scented, modern home decor candles, made from organic materials.

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Homewood Candles is a monthly Candle Subscription. Our 100% soy home decor candles are handmade with carefully developed phthalate-free fragrances, providing clean-burning, inviting, and long-lasting scents. Our premium soy wax produces a superior cold throw that fills your room with fragrance before it is burned, while the 100% natural cotton wicks furnish a hot throw that sets the mood in your home within seconds after lighting.

Additonal Info:

What You Get:

One (1) Medium Candle of Your Choice

    • Three (3) 100% cotton wicks
    • Candle Volume: 10.1 oz; Wax Volume: 8 oz.
    • Burn Time: 4-6 weeks (or up to 80 hours)

One (1) Small Candle with the Fragrance of the Month

    • Two (2) 100% cotton wicks
    • Candle Volume: 3.1 oz; Wax Volume: 1 oz.
    • Burn Time: About 7-10 days (or up to 10 hours)
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The Original Homewood Candle is a semigloss white ceramic candle jar designed to be repurposed

Fragrance-infused 100% soy wax

Homewood Candles are packaged in a recyclable white gift box

Hand-poured in the USA

Free shipping on all subsequent subscription shipments – just pay our $5 flat fee shipping on the first shipment

Three (3) monthly shipments are required before cancellation.

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