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Offering hope, encouragement, and support through beautiful, handmade treasures.
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Hopebox offers personalized monthly encouragement in the form of unique and thoughtful handmade goodies. Each uplifting treasure is meticulously selected from creative artisans who infuse their own inspiring stories of hope and healing into every handmade piece.

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What You Get:

  • Hopebox Light: 6+ handmade treasures with personalized message. Retail value $65+
  • Hopebox: 10+ handmade treasures with personalized message. Retail value $115+
  • Hopechest: 15+ handmade treasures in pearlescent jewelry box. Retail value $165+
  • Your message of hope, love, and encouragement comes printed on pearlescent paper
  • Each uplifting self-care product is full-sized, vegan, and cruelty-free
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What’s Hopebox?

We’re a hope factory! We carefully design and thoughtfully fill what we call “Hopeboxes,” which are monthly assortments of uplifting treasures, handmade by creative artisans who each have their own stories of hope and healing, and a personalized message of inspiration and support.

Can I make a one-time purchase?

While Hopeboxes are designed as ongoing encouragement through subscription, you are welcome to send a single Hopebox to anyone in need of encouragement, whether that be a loved one or even yourself! Send hope today!

How much does a subscription cost?

The base price for a monthly subscription is $58. We also offer Hopebox Light for $38 and the Deluxe Hopechest for $79. Includes free shipping! 

Looking to save significantly on your Hopebox subscription? Prepay! 

Subscriptions purchased for yourself automatically renew after your chosen billing cycle resets. You can cancel anytime. 

Gift subscriptions do NOT renew automatically. There is an option at checkout to select automatic renewals for an ongoing show of love and support to those you value most. 

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Can you please explain the process from payment to shipment?

1) PAYMENT: After we process your first payment successfully, we aim to ship your hopebox within two business days. 

2) CONTACT: If our fulfillment team needs further clarification on your order, usually pertaining to the personalized message, we will reach out to you by email. 

3) PACKING: That’s right, your Hopebox is not finalized until after we get your order! Each hopebox is custom-made to send hope for each unique situation. 

4) SHIPPING: We send our Hopeboxes via USPS Priority Mail, so the recipient can expect arrival of their first box approximately two days from shipment. That’s four business days or less from the original payment date! 

5) RENEWAL: Upon renewal date (usually the 15th of the month following your order date), this process starts over.

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