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$19.99 per month
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KissMe is the world’s first liquid lipstick club by LiveGlam where members receive 3 lippies each month for the price of one. 

Shipping: Free to US, $3.99 Worldwide
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Ships from: USA
Ships: Monthly
Currency: USD
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KissMe is the world’s first liquid lipstick club by LiveGlam! Members get 3 new liquid lipsticks each month for only $19.99 plus free shipping in the U.S. This monthly liquid lipstick club will keep you covered in our very own kiss-proof formula. You will get 3 new lipstick shades every month for less than the price of 1! And if you are not feelin’ the upcoming shades, then you can swap them out for another set you love. KissMe lippies are affordable without compromising quality: vegan, cruelty-free and super long lasting for the perfect pout!

This club is the fix all you lipstick addicts out there have been waiting for!

Additonal Info:

What You Get: 3 new lippies each month featuring different colors and finishes!


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Whenever You Want: You can cancel your membership anytime, skip months you don’t want or trade them in for something new.

Rewards Program:  You earn rewards points simply by remaining an active KissMe member. Each month you’re a member, you earn 100 points. You can also earn additional rewards points by referring your friends to the club using the unique referral link you’ll get when you join. And be sure to check out our new Give a Lippie, Get a Lippie program! If you refer a friend, you each get a lippie of your choosing! You can see more details and the awesome rewards prizes by logging in on your account.

How Do You Redeem Points: You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $25+ when you reach 600 total points. You can redeem points in return for a free beauty product valued at $50+ when you reach 1,200 total points. If you have a 6 month membership, you are guaranteed to earn 600 points, and if you have an annual membership, you are guaranteed to earn 1,200 points.


We ship anywhere in the world! Shipping is free in the US and only $3.99 per month internationally. 6 months and annual members pay all shipping up front.


No worries, we’ve got you covered!  You can trade your lippies for some awesome alternatives including other lippies, palettes and much more.  Or, you can skip a month/payment entirely (you’ll hang on to your reward points you’ve been banking you just won’t collect new ones that month).  By skipping your membership will automatically continue the next month.  The last option would be to cancel. You do lose all your reward points if you cancel so make sure to cash them in before deciding to do so!


The KissMe lippies are made in the USA and are super long-lasting, fast-drying, highly pigmented and smell delicious! And they come in our special custom, rose gold casing.

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