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$59.99 per month
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We design each box with you in mind.  Each piece is made to fit you and designed for your preferences.  Each month there are a variety of color options to select from to make sure you love and treasure every piece in your box!

Shipping: FREE for USA, $9.99 for Canada, $13.50 Rest of the world
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My Meraki Box is a Canadian handmade jewelry subscription box featuring new exclusive designs, only available to My Meraki Box subscribers. Each month will feature a minimum of 3 brand new Wristicuffs designs, exclusive to My Meraki Box with a minimum $150 value.

Additonal Info:

Each month, My Meraki Box will feature new exclusive designs, only available to My Meraki Box subscribers.  To ensure you receive jewelry pieces that you will love for years to come, you will be able to log in and select your preference of either leather, gemstone or metal color options.  We will use this information to create customized jewelry just for you in a design and color you are sure to love!  Each month will feature 2-3 brand new Wristicuffs designs, exclusive to My Meraki Box.  Every month My Meraki Box will contain  jewelry pieces handcrafted in our studio with a minimum $150 retail value.

User Reviews

Average Rating: 5
  1. Janet Bauman

    A high end subscription box with value above and beyond the cost. Stunning handmade artisan pieces. Customized to my size and colour preferences. Excellent customer service. I look forward to receiving My Meraki Box each and every month. A little treat for myself as part of my self care program!

  2. Kelly Massad

    WOW! AMAZINGGGGGGG box with high quality HANDMADE jewelry pieces. The owner of the subscription box really makes her pieces with love and I look forward to receiving this box every month. I have been wearing a different piece of hers every day and I almost always receive compliments.

    The customer service is FANTASTIC and I would recommend this subscription to anyone.


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Boxes ship out on the 1st of each month or the first business day following a weekend.

We do not provide exchanges on box items however if you have any items that arrive damaged or do not fit correctly, please reach out to us and we will be happy to do our best to help.

Once color selections are made for the month, we are unable to provide refunds as your custom items have already been started to be created just for you.  Cancellations prior to the 15th of the month will take effect for the next month.

We value your feedback so please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or comments regarding your My Meraki Box.  We do our best to match you with pieces you will love and wear for years to come.



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