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Travel without jet lag. It’s your time to celebrate yourself and let your senses take you on the ultimate mini escape. Discover the best of each new destination right to your home, and uncover beauty secrets and must haves from around the globe.

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Every three months, enjoy amazing discoveries from around the world that bring you the perfect mini escape for the ultimate me time. As a VIP Traveler, you’ll be the first to experience innovative beauty products formulated in our labs by your award winning global guide, Shalini Vadhera, based on the beauty secrets from these gorgeous cities, rituals for inner beauty and self care, foods that are sure to delight, and beautiful hand curated pieces that instantly transport your senses directly to that destination. It’s your chance to fall in love with the world while discovering tips and tricks from the locals.

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As a part of our VIP Tribe of Travelers, you’ll be the first to try custom formulated and limited products created exclusively for you.

What You Get: Each Passport Beauty Box will be filled with a product mix that blends ancient wisdom with modern day technology to bring you innovative global beauty solutions.

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Q: What’s the story behind the Passport Beauty Box?
A: The Passport Beauty Box is the only official box subscription created and personally curated by global beauty expert Shalini Vadhera. Every three months fans will receive an inspired collection of handpicked beauty and lifestyle products from around the world.
Q: What’s in the Passport Beauty Box?
A: Each Passport Beauty Box will be filled with a product mix that blends ancient wisdom with modern day technology to bring you innovative global beauty solutions.
Q: How often will I receive my Passport Beauty Box?
A: The Passport Beauty Box ships every three months to your doorstep.
Q: Can I order a Passport Beauty Box as a GIFT for someone else?
A: Yes! In the final checkout page you will be able to ship the box to any name and address that you choose.
Q: Where do you ship?
A: Currently, we are shipping the Passport Beauty Box within the U.S. only. We hope to announce international shipping very soon.
Q: Is there a shipping fee for each box?
A: Domestic orders will not have a shipping fee.
Q: How does payment work?
A: We accept PayPal and all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payments are recurring based on the subscription you select (bi-monthly or annual). Your first payment will be charged as soon as your order is placed, where you will receive a confirmation email from the Passport Beauty Box. Future payments will be charged on the 1st of each month that boxes will be shipped.
Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: There are two service options available for the Passport Beauty Box (quarterly and annual). You can cancel either box service at any time, however, after your order is placed, you will simply stop your current subscription from an automatic renewal. Since many of the items and products inside each box are exclusive and often rare, we will not accept or issue any refunds or returns for any reason, and at any time.
Q: What if I receive broken or damaged product(s) in my box?
A: Though there are no returns, if you receive an item that is broken or damaged, please contact and we’ll do our best to reconcile the issue.
Q: How is the Passport Beauty Box different from other subscription box services?
A: There is literally no other box quite like the Passport Beauty Box! This is the ONLY Official Box Subscription created and curated personally by Shalini Vadhera. Every Passport Beauty Box is themed around a particular region around the globe and contains products and content indigenous to that area.
Q: Can I get boxes from past months?
A: Unfortunately, not at this time. Because of the exclusivity of the items, quantities are limited and we will only have enough for those who subscribe in advance.
Q: Who can I contact with more questions or concerns?
A: If your question wasn’t answered in the FAQ above, please feel free to contact and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

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