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Ultra-personalized, fast recipes and shopping lists to prepare delicious meals tailored to your lifestyle.

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We started PlateJoy because we know how hard it is to maintain a healthy diet on top of a busy schedule. Too often, we’d come home after a long day and order unhealthy take-out because there was nothing in the fridge. Or we’d find ourselves in line at yet another fast food restaurant, vowing to plan better in the future.

We believe that healthy eating should be the most convenient option, not the least convenient, as it often is. We also believe there is beauty in ease and simplicity, so we’ve worked to make the entire PlateJoy experience as seamless as possible. The end result is a refrigerator stocked with healthy foods.

By providing you with customized shopping lists and simple recipes, we make it easy and delicious to eat the way you want to, every day.

Additonal Info:

  • Unlimited personalized meal plans with whichever courses you’d like (breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack)
  • Custom recipes tailored to your preferences
  • Time-saving grocery lists optimized to reduce waste
  • Option to change dietary preferences any time for free
  • On-demand advice from your personal nutrition coach
  • Full nutritional information for every meal
  • Easy nutritional syncing with your JawBone or Fitbit
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PlateJoy subscriptions come in 6-month ($69 USD) and 12-month ($99 USD) packages. This comes out to around $8-12 / month and will be billed in one installment. The price of PlateJoy does not include food.


Yes! You can pause your account at any time for 1 or 2 months directly through your Account Page (in the upper-right corner menu – not available on mobile app). You’ll retain all the remaining value on membership during the time your account is paused.


You can pause or cancel your subscription anytime directly on your Account Page (in the upper-right corner menu) under the “Subscription” tab. PlateJoy does not offer pro-rated refunds.

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