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SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly Young Adult and Middle Grade book subscription box for bookworms!
Shipping: $8.99 US, $13.99 Canada, $17.99 International
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SpearCraft Book Box Monthly is a subscription box that sends a newly published Young Adult novel and 6+ bookish / fandom goodies to your door. SpearCraft Book Box quarterly is a deluxe seasonal book box that ships 4 times a year, 10% goes to charity.

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YA Monthly SpearCraft Book Box Subscription

The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels and 4+ assorted bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month’s SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme! 

YA Deluxe Quarterly SpearCraft Book Box Subscription

What can you expect from this box: High quality items. Exclusive deluxe items that only quarterly subscribers can get. A new hardcover book that is different than our monthly box. A box that gives back! 10% of the box price is donated to non profits!

Middle Grade Edition Monthly SpearCraft Book Box

Monthly middle grade box! Finally a box for 8 to 13 yrs olds and those of you that are young at heart. Each box will contain a new book as well as age appropriate bookish gifts and fandom items delivered to your door set to an exciting theme!

The Book ONLY Monthly Subscription (US orders only)

Only interested in a new hardcover YA title each month? Then this subscription is for you! You will receive 1 new hardcover YA novel each month along with any applicable author letters and signed bookplates should they apply that month.

The Cat Box Quarterly Subscription

A PURRFECT quarterly box of goodies for your special cat and for the cat owner. A great mix of cat treats, toys, and cat lover merchandise delivered to your door 4 times a year.

The Monthly Fandom Candles Box

Welcome to our new Fandom Candles Box! Each monthly box will be themed around a fandom. Each box will contain one 4 oz glass candle, and two 2 oz glass candles set to the theme of the month.

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What is the SpearCraft book box?

The SpearCraft Book Box is a monthly handmade book subscription box that sends newly published Young Adult novels (within the last 45 days) and assorted handmade bookish fandom goodies to your door. Each month’s SpearCraft Book Box has a fun theme (past  tester themes included The “Cursed Child” & “I like you” themed around book romances) and will contain one new Young Adult novel, as well as 4+  other bookish treasures! Most of the items in the box are made by us here at Spearcraft along with other bookish shops from Etsy and the web. 

How does it work?

Choose your subscription, the box is delivered to you monthly, enjoy your book and bookish goodies!  Boxes typically ship on the 20th for International and the 20th -27th in waves for US orders. These dates can vary based on the release date of the book. Please read our entire FAQ prior to placing an order.


We ship all packages late in the Month. Ship dates vary month to month based on the release date of the book. But we always ship around the end of the month and will keep you updated on ship dates on Instagram.  Tentative ship dates are the 20th – 27th each month.  ***Please note we always print our shipping labels at the beginning of the shipping window the 20th.  So you may get an email and not see movement for a few days. Please be patient.*** Please note that it may take 48 hours to 72 hours for your tracking to update.   For international orders we ship over 7 days in waves starting the 20th.  Please note it may take  48 hours to 72 hours for your tracking to become active.  So if you are in the last wave (27th) you may not see movement on the tracking until the 29th or 30th.

How are the boxes priced?

Our subscription boxes are $29.99 plus shipping.  We also offer a no book box in the shop section of this website at a discount rate.  Please note this no book option does not contain a book.  Buying a subscription is always the cheapest way to get a box, they are slightly discounted as a perk to our monthly subscribers.   One time boxes in the shop are a slightly higher price for the convenience of not having to have a subscription that renews. Some people prefer those boxes even though they know they are higher priced because they don’t want a monthly subscription. Some people prefer the one time boxes so they don’t have to think about renewal whereas others prefer to know they have a spot in the next box reserved if they want it. Monthly subscribers always have to option to skip a month.  Prepaid subscriptions cannot skip a month.  If you want to know more about our price breakdown see bottom of FAQ.

Ordering Past Boxes

Occasionally we are able to offer additional past boxes after originally selling out.  Please note that if ordering a past box there may not be promo author items, book plates, author letters included.  Those are originally sent to us for our original set number of boxes.  If you want to order a past box and find out if all author sway, promo items, bonus items are included please email us and ask prior to purchasing. There are no refunds.  Typically everything is there but once in a while we will run out of a book plate or a promo postcard, things like that. Additionally soaps may lack the label from running out, we have our ingredients here in our FAQ and they are always available to you via email from us just let us know you’d like one.

What if I receive the same book from another YA Book Box?

We strive to bring you the latest and greatest YA books available. We know the other book box companies do the same. Our boxes are planned 6+ months in advance. All the Authors, merch, and themes are decided and in the works months before the box ever gets to you. So once we’ve decided on a book and theme it is set in stone for us.  Chances are that somewhere down the line another book box will choose the same book we have chosen.  Please know that if you subscribe to multiple YA book clubs this is a risk you are taking.  At this time we are not able to offer duplicate book partial refunds.  We suggest that if you are going to take this risk you know that you may get two copies of the same book.  Our recommendation is that you share the extra book with a friend. Read it together, talk over the book together, and share in the excitement of all the bookish swag!  When we are absolutely sure there will be the same book offered by another YA box we will try our best to offer a no book option like we did for the November 2016 box. It offers you all the bookish goodies but no book for a lower price.  But since the book picks are kept secret we cannot guarantee this.

What if I need to cancel, how do I do that?

We are sad to see you go and hope that you will join us again here at SpearCraft book box.  To cancel simply login to your account at Cratejoy for SpearCraft Book Box From there you will see a list of active subscriptions. Click EDIT to get into the subscription and then click CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. 

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