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Whistling Kettle tea clubs offer a wide selection of plans and styles to suit all tastes? Prefer lots of samples? Green Tea? Caffeine Free? No problem – there is a plan for you! The Whistling Kettle is more than just a tea box. We are a tea company with multiple restaurant locations. We talk tea with our customers, every day – face to face. Our tea boxes contain over a decade of experience and includes a full color reference guide.

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What You Get: This club is designed for someone looking to explore the world of tea with a carefully curated collection exclusive to club members. Each month we ship out two types of tea, one PURE variety and one BLEND (flavored tea, seasonal, herbal, etc). We ALWAYS include a rare or premium gem, some costing over $100/lb! Because of our buying power we can offer these teas to our members without breaking the wallet. All plans include FREE shipping! Ship date are mid-month.

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