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The Fantasy Box provides comprehensive, guided fantasies for couples and all the goodies required to help your relationship thrive!
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Box Details:

The Fantasy Box provides romantic adventures for couples looking to deepen their intimacy while exploring. Every Fantasy Box is designed around a specific theme (like Spa or Interrogator & Spy) and contains full-sized luxury products to play out the scenario. Most importantly, each box contains detailed role cards to eliminate guesswork and worry. With options from single boxes to fully-customizable subscriptions that will expose you to all our themes, this is much more than a “box of stuff”. This is the best value you will ever get from investing in yourself and your relationship.

Additonal Info:

Platinum Fantasy Box – $159/box

The Bentley of Fantasy Boxes. Our Platinum tier includes our gorgeous and sleek Platinum Fantasy Box and THE BEST products on the market, and more of them. Plus, access to our “romance concierge” to customize your experience and make sure you only get things you love. If you are a couple who wants a luxury date night, this is the option for you.

  • 5-8 products/box
  • Brands include LELO, Jimmy Jane, We-Vibe, Minna Life, Je Joue, Coquette and more
  • Average retail value >$200/box
Classic Fantasy Box – $59/box

Our flagship product! Your sexy red Fantasy Box will include our signature role cards, the highest-quality lingerie (sizes S-4X) and toys. Full sized products, only. Try out this bestselling option and see for yourself why we get such rave reviews

The Original theme – all of the benefits for an amazing value.

  • 4-6 Products
  • Brands include Coquette, Jimmy Jane and Sportsheets
  • Average retail value > $75/box
Essentials Fantasy Box – $39/box

Experience The Fantasy Box without breaking the bank! Delivered in our chic mailer marked only with an “E”, you’ll get our signature role cards and the all the “essential” products needed to play out the scenario. Can include lingerie, romance objects and more.

  • 3-4 products/box
  • May include sample sizes (e.g., lubricants, oils, etc)
  • Average retail value > $40/box
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To cancel or pause your subscription, simply log into your account, click the “my subscription account” button and set your status to “cancel.” It will give you a choice of a month to reactivate (if you choose to pause) or to cancel completely. If you cancel completely, you will receive an automatic confirmation email for your records. Should you choose to rejoin, log back in and set your status back to “active” and you will pick up where you left off!

Please be sure to cancel by the last day of the month. Once your account is billed, the order can not be cancelled.


Due to the nature of the products we send, we are unable to accept returns on entire boxes or individual products, even if unused. If you send the box back “return to sender” with the mailing label unbroken, we can refund you what you paid less what we paid to ship it to you, which is usually around $15.

We put a lot of information on our site about the boxes, from pictures and descriptions to reviews and do our best to make sure you only get products and experiences you enjoy. As such, we expect you to read the information available or ask us questions prior to making a purchase if you’re unsure about what’s involved and don’t like surprises. That said, if you read everything and got something that was completey unexpected and not to your liking, just email us at [email protected], explain what happened and we’ll do our best to make it right.

A little advice when you’re asking for an exception…being nice will get you a lot farther than being rude, dishonest or threatening. 🙂


Shipping is included for subscriptions delivered to the United States and is an extra $10 for subscriptions shipping to Canada and $25 to Australia. Individual boxes and products purchased through the online boutique are charged a flat $5 for United States deliveries and are international deliveries are charged the actual shipping cost based on the weight of the shipment. Additional duties may be assessed for international deliveries based on the country of delivery’s determination of value in the Customs clearance process. Please email us at [email protected] for more information.

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