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A monthly subscription box aimed to remind the busy mother to take a bit of time for herself. Monthly book picks and relaxation items.

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Too Much Monday is a book & relaxation club in a box for today’s busy women. Our aim is to remind women to assign priority to their well being. In this way she can be a better mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. For many of us, self care comes in last on our list of priorities. As book lovers we think the best way to relax is to sit down with a book. Our box is a little monthly reminder to just sit down every couple of days to read for 15-30 mins…grab a cup of tea…do a face mask, etc.

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What You Get: Our box is 29.95 per month and includes a monthly book pick, small batch artisan tea blends, a coloring card, bookmark, pampering item(s), an edible treat, and monthly extras.

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