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True Coffee provides supporters with the very best traceable single-origin, micro-lot coffees from family growers and their communities in developing regions.

We generously support our not-for-profit partners with sustainable and predictable donations and support the economic development and services in the communities they serve.

Additonal Info:

What You Get: Choose from 1-4 bags per month.

  • Selected for Exceptional Flavor Profiles
  • Ethically Grown
  • Sourced in Small Batches
  • From Communities Where We Make A Positive Impact
  • Limited quantities of each coffee are available. Don’t Miss Out!
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How do I remove something from my shopping cart?

Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the display page.  Set the item quantity to zero (0) for the item you want to remove.  It will be removed from the cart.

I am looking at Prepaid-Gift Subscriptions and it says shipping is included in the price for US shipments but there is extra shipping for non-US addresses.  How do I find out how much extra it will cost to ship to an international address?

We calculate the additional shipping costs for international shipments at checkout since we need to know the destination address.  Put the product in your cart and go to checkout.  Enter the destination address and select [Go to Shipping Method].  It will provide the international shipping surcharge that will be added.  This is prior to payment so you can return to your cart and make adjustments if needed.



How do I get more information on the coffee I received with my subscription?

We provide a summary card for each coffee with the shipment and we also publish the complete story, more detail, and photos for each coffee on our website.  You can find the full story by selecting the coffee in the “Current Coffees” section in the “SHOP” page of our website.

Is the coffee “Fair Trade” certified?

All of our coffee is sourced fairly and ethically.  A lot of the coffee is “Fair Trade” certified.  The “Fair Trade” certification is valuable when buying mass-produced coffee where the origins are unknown and there is a massive supply chain between you and the grower.  Our coffees are sourced from known sources in small lots.  In many of these cases, the growers cannot afford to pay for participation in the certification program or deal with the complex requirements. So we just make sure they are paid fairly for their product and then tell you about the specific origin and source.

How do I get information and advice on brewing coffee?

We provide information and articles on brewing coffee on our website in the blog section.  Take a look at the 5 Part series on home brewing in the “Blogs” link titled “5 Steps to an Amazing Cup of Homebrew Coffee”.  That series of 5 articles covers most of the basic topics.  There are more specialized articles on a variety of topics.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, drop us a line or chat with us online from our website.

Can I buy more of a specific coffee I received on subscription?

If the coffee is still available, it will be in the “SHOP” page of our website in the “Current Coffees” section.  You can order more as long as it is available.

How do I provide feedback on the coffee?

We would love to hear from you!  Just email us or chat with us online.

I met a coffee grower that had awesome coffee while I was traveling.  Are you interested in their coffee?

Awesome.  We are always looking for sources of exceptional coffee from growers that we can connect with personally.  Just provide an introduction or send us their contact information.

Can I request different grind sizes?

Yes. If you want us to grind your coffee then we provide a single grind option to keep things simple.  But, since we grind your coffee right before we pack it for shipment to ensure that it is as fresh as possible, if you put a specific grind size in the subscription order notes at checkout, we will do our best to provide the grind size you ask for.  Note that we highly recommend that you order Whole Bean coffee and grind the coffee yourself just before you brew it for optimal freshness.


I have not received my shipment, what should I do?

You should have received tracking information in your shipment notification email.  If not, then contact us and we will look up the tracking information for the shipment.  If you looked up the tracking information for the shipment with the carrier and it appears to be lost or stuck somewhere, then contact us and we will either send another shipment or track it down and make sure it is delivered.  Note that if it appears to have been stolen, then we may also file a mail theft report with the US Postmaster.

My shipment was opened or damaged, what should I do?

We ship your coffee in boxes so damage to the coffee package itself is rare.  If you receive a shipment that was damaged in shipment and a coffee bag was punctured or opened, then do not use the coffee.  Take a picture of the package as you received it and send it to us by email along with your order number and shipment information.  We will ship you a new one.

Why don’t you provide free shipping on all of your products?

No shipping is actually “free”.  Shipping costs are a significant portion of any product cost and the cost depends on weight, size, and distance.  “Free Shipping” just means that the shipping costs are included in the product price.  For most of our products, we calculate shipping costs based on current carrier rates to your destination for each shipment and add that separately at checkout to be more accurate and fair to everyone.  We do this for most products rather than using an average shipment cost added to the price of each item.  We may have some products that include shipping in the price, like prepaid gifts.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to most countries.  We use a low-cost shipping method that ships directly to the destination country and then uses that country’s postal service for local delivery.  This method is economical but it can take 1 to 2 weeks.  With this method, there is a customs declaration form on the package but we do not pay customs duties in advance.  If the destination country wants to collect duties then they will collect the duty from you on delivery.  Note that most countries we ship to do not charge duties on the shipments.  If you want to look up the duties for your country, the International Harmonized System Code for roasted coffee is 090121 for regular and 090122 for decaffeinated.  In most cases, you can use an online search to look up the duties imposed by your country for roasted coffee shipments from the USA.


How do I make changes to my subscription?

Login to your account, select the “My Account” link and then the “Manage Subscriptions” link under your name.  You will see a list of your subscriptions and an edit button by each.  Click on that button to make changes. If you need any help doing that then just click on the “Chat” button or send us an email.

How do I update my payment method?

Login to your account, select the “My Account” link and then the “Manage Subscriptions” link.  You will see a list of your subscriptions and an edit button by each.  Click on that button to make changes. If you need any help doing that then just click on the “Chat” button or send us an email.

How do I make changes to my Gift Subscription?

That information is in the account of the person that sent you the gift.  You can ask them to make the changes or you can send us an email at [email protected] or go to our website and select the “Chat” option.  We will be happy to make the changes for you.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time before the next subscription cycle. Login to your account, select the “My Account” link and then the “Manage Subscriptions” link.  You will see a list of your subscriptions and can delete any subscriptions you wish to cancel.  If you need any help doing that then just click on the “Chat” button or send us an email.

Why does the coffee arrive on different days of the month each time?

There are three factors that affect the arrival date of your coffee.  First, we will pack and ship the coffee based on the roasting cycle to ensure freshness so we may hold your subscription shipment for a few days to match the roasting cycle for specific coffees.  Second, the shipping carriers only pickup on business days (Monday-Friday and excluding holidays) and, third, there may be variations in the shipping times from our location to yours.

Can I return my Coffee shipment?

We don’t use coffee that is shipped and returned so we don’t accept coffee returns.  We do want to know why you want to return it.  Please contact us by email or use the online chat on our website to explain the situation and we will let you know what to do next.

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