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Whistling Kettle tea club offer a wide selection of plans and styles to suit all tastes!
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Whistling Kettle tea club offer a wide selection of plans and styles to suit all tastes. Prefer lots of samples? Green Tea? Caffeine Free? No problem – there is a plan for you! The Whistling Kettle is more than just a tea box. We are a tea based company with multiple restaurant locations. We talk tea with our customers, every day – face to face. Our tea boxes contain over a decade of experience and includes a full color reference guide.

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  • We’ve been curating monthly tea boxes for over 10 years!
  • The ‘perfect portion’ box where you get enough tea for about one cup per day.
  • Special packaging will even make the mailman excited to deliver to your door. If you’re ordering for yourself or someone else, it’s always a teat.
  • Your tea box is not just a monthly shipment, but a membership to our community. We have an extensive on-line store and retail restaurant locations that stand behind each box. Membership also includes special discounts across our entire product line.
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How can I manage my subscription?

If you ordered on our website, you will be able to access all the details by clicking on your account. You can easily change the credit card, address, hold or cancel your subscription.

How much tea comes in each box?

Most plans include at least five different types of tea, enough to make about 20-30 cups in total. The amount of tea in each bag varies depending on the type of tea. Ballpark total is around 3-4 ounces per box.

When do the boxes go out? What about Christmas?

We typically send out in the middle of the month, around the 15th. New subscriptions need to be in by the 14th in order to get same month shipping. 

For example, if you put in your subscription on the 18th of the month, you wont receive your first shipment until the following month. We make an exception for Christmas – so we’ll keep shipping out boxes until the 22nd for the same month. Late subscribers will not get a January box, but will get one on February.

Is there any advantage to being a member?

Yes. By subscribing you are getting all the teas at a discounted rate versus buying them individually. Additionally, members will receive discounts on other items in the store – this way if you like a tea, you can buy more at member prices.

Do I need anything special to brew the tea?

Each standard tea of the month box comes with a built in silicone infuser. So you only need hot water! As you expand, utilize the special membership discounts to order pots, larger infusers or other accessories.

If I renew, will I get repeats?

Each club has different duration options. If you choose the longest duration and renew – then you will get repeats. For example, if a club goes up to 12 months, you could renew a 6 month subscription and still get unique teas. However if you renew a club that goes up to 6 months for another 6 months, you will receive repeats.

Can I delay box shipments?

By default, no. If you place your order you will get your next box by the 15th of the month. We can however create a custom pre-paid subscription for you to kick in whenever you want, up to 3 months in advance.

Is it loose tea or bagged tea?

Loose tea of course. We include a silicone infuser to get you started.

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