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If your box is already in our directory, Claim your box, otherwise you can Submit a New Box for our directory!

Editing your box

Once your payment is processed and your box has been claimed or submitted, you will receive an email with a link to your box in our directory. Click the link to arrive at your box page, then click ‘Edit Box Information’ to make changes.

You will arrive on your Edit page. From here you can change every part of your listing to your liking.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the fields you can edit:
(Click the image to view the full-sized version)
A Year of Boxes Fields - Click for Full Version
  • Title and Content: Here, you’ll simply add the title of your box, and the main description of your box. The “Content” field will populate the “Details” tab, below the main box information.
  • Short Description: Add a short description here, a few sentences about your box! This description will appear at the top section of your box page, underneath the pricing,
    shipping, etc.
  • Box Price: The ‘Box Price’ Field is split into two separate entries – the ‘sort’ price, which is a simple number (no symbols or specific currency marks – if your box is $19.99, simply type 19.99) used to sort the boxes by price in the directory, and the ‘display’ number, which is the fully formatted price including currency marks (i.e. ‘$19.99 Canadian’).
  • Shipping: The Shipping section is divided into five entries: shipping price, shipping currency, shipping frequency, ships from, and ships to. All fields except ‘ships from’ are required.
  • Purchase Link: The purchase link is required. simply enter the URL for your subscription page or website!
  • Extra Information: The extra information box is where you can further flesh out your boxes’ details. For instance, you might list typical box contents or give an example of past offerings.
  • Images: There are two fields for product images. The default image, and Gallery images. Click to add your Default Image, which will appear in the box directory and across the site as the first image shoppers will see. You may also add images to the gallery. They will appear below your default image on your directory listing. Shoppers can scroll through them freely!
  • Contact Email If you’d like, you can add a contact email to your profile. Shoppers who click the “Contact” tab will be able to send messages through a contact form, directly to this email address.
  • Terms & Conditions: As every box has different terms and conditions, you will be required to enter yours here. Simply copy and paste your terms & conditions here, and it will automatically appear in a tab under your main box info!
  • Social Media: Finally, you’ll have the ability to link all of your social media accounts directly to our site! Simply link your social media profiles and users will be able to click through to your accounts easily!

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact us on our various social media pages, or email us at [email protected]!