SprezzaBox VS Gentleman’s Box


Welcome to Throwdown Thursday! Who doesn’t love a little competition. Let’s see how these Men’s Accessories Boxes stand the test. See our comparison below.


  • Price: $28 per month
  • What You Get: Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle Accessories
  • Number of Items: 5-6
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Ships From: US
  • Shipping Cost: Free to US, $6 Canada, $8 Worldwide
  • Coupon Code: AYOB for 10% off first box
  • Value: $102 – $131 per box
  • Curation: Boxes are curated by their expert stylists and are based on a monthly theme.
  • Loyalty Program: With their Loyalty Rewards Program, you can earn exclusive discounts by simply being a subscriber. There’s no sign-up required and you’re automatically enrolled.
  • Past Reviews: CLICK HERE


Gentleman’s Box
  • Price: $25 per Month
  • What You Get: Grooming Supplies to Style Accessories
  • Number of Items: 4-5
  • Ships to: US & Canada
  • Ships From: US
  • Shipping Cost: Free to US, $8 to Canada
  • Coupon Code: AYOB of $5 off your first month
  • Value: $78 – $205 per box
  • Curation: Each month honors a noteworthy gentleman from the past or present. Items in the box are themed accordingly.
  • Past Reviews: CLICK HERE


SprezzaBox VS Gentleman’s Box – Final Thoughts

As you can see by our comparison both boxes are quite similar in most categories. SprezzaBox does ship worldwide, has exceptional customer service and comes with 1 more item than Gentleman’s box’s, but Gentleman’s box does offer a higher discount to AYOB viewers. We also love the fact that SprezzBox has a Loyalty Program for their subscribers. Overall they are pretty neck and neck. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend either of them to any man looking to spruce up his wardrobe.



For $28 a month, you’ll receive 5-6 men’s fashion and lifestyle accessories delivered monthly to your doorstep. All items are curated by SprezzaBox’s expert stylists and retailed at over $100!

Use code AYOB10 for 10% off first box + entire store purchase! Learn More about SprezzaBox »

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