Top 10 Subscription Boxes of April 2017


Here’s a list of our favourite subscription boxes for April 2017. It’s always a tough choice but we managed to narrow it down to the following:

Breo Box Spring 2017

Another great box from Breo Box. It looks like they are two for two. The Spring Box definitely has a coffee theme going on and I am completely ok with that because I am a coffee addict. They also included a tech item, a fitness item, and an on-trend item. – REVIEW HERE

White Willow Box April 2017

I think this just might be one of my favourite boxes from White Willow Box. It’s exactly what I wanted to see in a Spring Box – seasonal accessory, quality skincare, something to dress up my office space, and a decadent treat. White Willow Box always feels like a special gift. – REVIEW HERE

GlobeIn Limited Edition Box – Admire

Have I ever told you how much I love limited edition boxes? I’ve probably mentioned it, but wanted to reinforce the fact that I really do love limited edition boxes. There’s something really exciting about the fact that they are offered once and never again. Maybe it’s my fear of missing out, but whatever it is……LE boxes are great. And when it comes to GlobeIn in particular, they really know how to put together a LE box. – REVIEW HERE

MeUndies April 2017

You all know how I feel about receiving undies in the mail…..I love it!! I am all about convenience subscription services, and that’s exactly what MeUndies is. I call it a convenience subscription because they provide me with “necessities” and allow for one less shopping trip. Basically, MeUndies is a time saver. Why spend time at the mall shopping for undies when I can have them shipped to my door……convenient hey? – REVIEW HERE

PolePunzel Box Spring 2017

Wow…..that’s all I can say……wow! I am so unbelievably impressed with my first The Polepunzel Box, I can’t even describe it in words. For this being their very first box, they really did an amazing job. This is EXACTLY what a new subscription box needs to look like – professional, organized, and exciting. They have everything covered. Great packaging, informative product card, exciting products, professional branding, and reasonable price point. This is the most excited I have been about a new subscription box all year. – REVIEW HERE

KissMe Lipstick Club April 2017

LiveGlam is quickly becoming my favourite source for beauty subscription boxes. I was extremely impressed with the brush club, and I am equally impressed with the KissMe Lipstick Club. The colors we received this month are on trend, gorgeous, they smell good, and the packaging is pretty. I think $19.99 for 3 new lipsticks each month is extremely reasonable. – REVIEW HERE


Love Goodly April/May 2017

I am more than happy with my first Love Goodly box….I am in LOVE! I had a feeling I was going to like this subscription and I was right. Not only is it really great value, it’s also packed with quality brands and full-size products. I think Love Goodly is reasonably priced for what you get. Actually it’s more than reasonably priced…’s a steal!! – REVIEW HERE

Home Made Luxe April 2017

I loved the simplicity of the April craft, yet it took up enough time that I feel like I really got my worth out of it.  The finished product is also truly satisfying, which is all any crafter can really ask for.  I think this box is now my favourite and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next! – REVIEW HERE

Ivory Clasp April 2017

Wow, wow, wow! I am SO impressed with my fist box from Ivory Clasp. I can’t even describe how exciting this subscription is for a purse junkie like myself. Not only is the value amazing, they also offer great styles from quality brands. My stylist picked out the perfect purse for me this month, I couldn’t be happier. I have a feeling it will be my new go-to…..move over Kate Spade tote, you have some competition. – REVIEW HERE

TopMunch April 2017

I am so impressed with my second TopMunch box. They really have done a great job with this subscription. It is professional, fun to open, and reasonably priced. This is definitely one of the better international snack boxes on the market, and I say that with confidence after only reviewing two boxes. I can tell that there is passion behind this box. The detailed product card is evidence of the time and energy that goes into the curation. – REVIEW HERE





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