Top 10 Subscription Boxes of February 2017


Here’s a list of our favourite subscription boxes for February 2017. It was a really tough choice again this month because we received a lot of amazing boxes. We had more than 10 favourites but if we absolutely had to narrow it down to 10 it would be the following……

February 2017 Put A Bow On It – Lifestyle Subscription

Put A Bow On It has done it again! They have put together a really great box. I’m tempted to say it’s my favourite box from them thus far. It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw the mittens it was game over, I am slightly obsessed – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 BuddhiBox – Yogi Lifestyle Box

Wow, wow, wow! I am slightly obsessed with this month’s BuddhiBox. I hate to use the word obsessed, and only use it when it is absolutely necessary. Today it is necessary. This is the kind of box I like to see from BuddhiBox, and it’s my favourite kind of box to receive. It has the perfect mixture of health related items – fitness accessories, jewelry, tea, holistic products, beauty products and gym bag essentials – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 Bokksu – Food Subscription Box

Oh my goodness. The February Bokksu box is the best Japanese snack box I have ever received! I am so impressed with this box, I almost don’t have the words to describe it. I think it was a really great idea to focus the entire box on Limited Edition Kit Kats – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 KidPik – Girl’s Styling Service

Ashley, Ava and I are so impressed with our first KidPik box. I wish you could have seen the three of us while we were shooting the video and taking the photos. It was pure comedy. We fell in love with everything immediately and I don’t think any of us were prepared for that – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 Bespoke Post – Men’s Subscription Box

I absolutely love my February Bespoke Post box. The mini blender was a genius idea. I’ve been wanting one for quite some time. I hope they continue to offer boxes like this. Kitchen gadgets are something I get very excited about – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 Supply Pod – Geek/Gamer Subscription Box

I just have to say, I really and truly love this subscription. I appreciate the time and energy that is put into each Supply Pod. I find every box to be thoughtful and curated perfectly. I had doubts about the Robot theme this month, but to my surprise, I actually really love it. It’s not often that I will sit on the floor and spend time getting to know every product in a box. But that’s exactly what I did with this one – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 Panty By Post – Panty Subscription Box

I think I fell in love with Panty by Post a little bit more this month. The fact that they sent Valentine’s appropriate undies makes me so darn happy. I wonder what the chances are that they have a cute little pair of green panties for the March box? Like I mentioned above, Panty by Post is a really great way to treat yourself. There’s nothing like a pretty new pair of panties to perk up your day……trust me on this one – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 SprezzaBox – Men’s Subscription Box

Once again I am in love with my SprezzaBox. They nailed it last month, and again this month. I love that they mixed it up again and included some “out of the box” kind of items. Get it……out of the box…..bubble mailer…….unique items……should I keep going? I don’t even have to look up the cost of each item to know the value is there. If you are looking for a Men’s Subscription Box you really can’t go wrong with SprezzaBox – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 Fabletics – Fitness Subscription Box

This is by far the best Fabletics outfit I have ever received. Everything is absolutely perfect, from the fit, to the style, to the pattern and colours, and everything in between. I am so glad I decided to experiment with sizing as the x-small leggings are so much more flattering, and the pretty pastel colours are so much fun – REVIEW HERE

February 2017 The Story of Perfume Box – Fragrance Subscription Box

The Story of Perfume Box is one of my favourite boxes to receive. Ashley and I both received one this month and you should have seen us when they arrived, just like two little kids on Christmas morning. I made Ashley open hers right away so we could peek inside. She likes Harvey Prince as much as I do. When she first joined the AYOB team she asked me what some of my favourite boxes were and this one was at the top of the list. I remember telling her – wait until you smell their fragrances, they are amazing – REVIEW HERE

What was your favourite box of February 2017?

Sarah, Ashley & Shonah




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