Top 10 Subscription Boxes of January 2017


Here’s a list of our favourite subscription boxes for January 2017. It was a really tough choice this month because we received a lot of amazing boxes, made some great new discoveries, and fell back in love with some old favourites………

January 2017 Heart & Honey – Adult Subscription

Heart & Honey is a brand new Adult subscription box, and I absolutely LOVE it! They did an amazing job with the January Box. If you have been wanting to try an adult box, but find them slightly intimidating, this would be PERFECT for you – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 Ogee – Skincare Subscription Box

Ogee is a brand new monthly subscription for skincare and I am SUPER excited about it! I have been testing out the products for almost 3 weeks and have already noticed a positive change in my skin. So far I am a HUGE fan – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 Bootay Bag – Panty Subscription

Oh my goodness, where do I even start with this one. How about the fact that it is freakin’ adorable!! I love everything about this subscription – the packaging, the price point, the quality and the style – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 InspireMe Crate – Art Subscription Box

This was our very first time reviewing InspireMe Crate and we were pleasantly surprised. Shonah was very pleased with what she found in the box.  There was a nice variety of supplies, but not an overwhelming amount. She loved how InspireME only provided a small selection, just enough to tempt your creativity into action – REVIEW HERE

Winter 2016 My FitBox Life – Health & Fitness Subscription Box

Love, love, love this season’s My FitBox Life! But as soon as I found out they were including a pair of leggings, I knew it was going to be a favourite. This is definitely one to keep an eye on in 2017 – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 SprezzaBox – Men’s Subscription Box

Wow, wow, wow. What a cool box. That’s the best way I can describe it; cool. I LOVE the fitness theme. It’s a big contrast from the usual items (suit accessories) but at the same time they fit together perfectly. SprezzaBox impresses me month after month. And for this month specifically, I would say they take the #1 spot on the men’s subscription box list – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 GlobeIn Artisan Box – Handmade Subscription Box

I loved everything about the January GlobeIn Artisan Box. The theme was Love and it included the most beautiful wine glasses, not to mention the chocolate, the heart palm leaf basket, and the heart soapstone……. – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 Broad Box – Time of the Month Subscription Box

I am a huge fan of TOM (Time of the Month) subscription boxes. I think they are genius. January was my first time reviewing Broad Box and it was love at first sight. They nailed it with the cozy socks, tea, Advil and bath bomb – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 Emma & Chloe- Jewelry Subscription Box

I was extremely happy with my January Emma & Chloe box. I LOVE the simplicity of this box. I like the idea of receiving one quality piece rather than 2-3 pieces of lower quality. I think Emma & Chloe did a wonderful job. The packaging is beautiful, the pieces are quality, and the value is there – REVIEW HERE

January 2017 Shirts On Tap – T-Shirt Subscription Box

The January Shirts On Tap exceeded my expectations. They have all their bases covered, and then some. The price point us extremely reasonable, they have awesome packaging, and the shirts are quality. My first thought after opening the box was, I want a shirt like this for myself. I am KICKING myself for not getting the ladies v-neck subscription option – REVIEW HERE

What was your favourite box of January 2017?

Sarah, Ashley & Shonah




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