Top 10 Subscription Boxes of March 2017


Here’s a list of our favourite subscription boxes for March 2017. It’s always a tough choice but we managed to narrow it down to the following:

The Nooky Box March 2017

Well, it’s safe to say I have a new favourite Adult Subscription Box. I certainly wasn’t expecting to love this box as much as I do. My very first The Nooky Box was a total success. I think they did an amazing job, the curation was absolutely perfect, and the total retail value is $140! – REVIEW HERE

Primal Outpost March 2017

Primal Outpost…..where have you been all my life. I’ve been looking for a box like this for at least a year now. As mentioned in the review, the subscription box market is lacking in the outdoor subscription box category, Primal Outpost is definitely filling the void! – REVIEW HERE

My Christmas Crate March 2017

I am absolutely, 100%, in love with this subscription box. This is the most excited I have been about a box all month. I need My Christmas Crate in  my life indefinitely. This box put a smile on my face, brought up memories of my favourite time of year, and got me in the Christmas spirit. – REVIEW HERE

Deck of Scarlet March 2017

I am beyond thrilled with this new beauty subscription box. I absolutely hate shopping for makeup, which means my collection is lacking. This is the perfect way for me to experiment without having to spend hours in the makeup aisle. – REVIEW HERE

ModaBox March 2017

For my very first experience with ModaBox I couldn’t be happier. My stylist definitely listened to my requests and sent me items that are cute and comfortable. – REVIEW HERE

Bokksu March 2017

I have to say, I really and truly am loving my Bokksu boxes. They are so much fun to unbox. I love the process from beginning to end. And this is coming from someone who typically doesn’t like Japanese treats. I think they have successfully turned me into a Japanese treat addict. – REVIEW HERE

Luxor Box March 2017

I think this just might be my favourite Luxor Box to date! The mix of products, style and designs fit my preferences perfectly. I feel like this is the perfect follow-up to the January box which wasn’t really my style. It confirms the fact that I really do love this subscription. – REVIEW HERE

Merkaela Spring 2017

I’m tempted to say that I am Merkaela’s biggest fan. I absolutely adore this box. Everything about it is perfect. I always end up keeping the items for myself as I can’t bear to part with them. – REVIEW HERE

Vegan Cuts Snack Box March 2017

This month’s Vegan Cuts Snack Box is amazing! I’m tempted to say I like it more than last months box. We received snacks, beverages, something for breakfast, something for lunch and something for dinner. I absolutely love the product mix this month, and I love that we received another snack from Vegan Robs! – REVIEW HERE

Box of Style Spring 2017

Absolutely beautiful! That’s all I can say. The Spring 2017 Box of Style is perfection. I am super excited about each and every product. None of them are out of my comfort zone, which is important, and they are all on trend. I’m most excited about the Tribe Alive Custom Carryall. – REVIEW HERE

Question: What were your favourite subscription boxes of March 2017?





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