Spiced Up & The Wish Box Giveaway!

Spiced Up & The Wish Box Giveaway!

This week we are featuring TWO subscription boxes in our Giveaway! The winner will receive a free 3 Month Subscription to both! 

Free 3 Month Subscription to Spiced UP!

Spiced up: With a subscription from Spiced UP, each month you’ll receive hand-selected spices with facts on origin, history, and how to use them, as well as a kitchen tested recipe, plus an extra surprise. We want to make sure your next dish is Spiced UP!      

Win a 3-Month The Wish Box Subscription!

The Wish Box: Each month the recipient will receive a pair of earrings, plus 2 other gifts, which could be a necklace, bracelet, ring, or extra special surprise accessory. We also work with fair trade artisans in 6 countries who make unique jewelry from natural and recycled materials.

Prize: You will receive a 3 Month Subscription to both boxes!


Giveaway runs from February 6th to the 12th!

Winner will be announced on our Facebook Page on February 13th

Good Luck!





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46 comments on “Spiced Up & The Wish Box Giveaway!

  1. texasinak says:

    its hard to pick one. I love cinnamon and cardamon. I also love garlic and rosemary

  2. Anne H says:

    My favorite spice is Nutmeg, just gives food that little extra zing.

  3. Nicole Lancaster says:

    My favorite spice is Turmeric.

  4. Janice Santillo says:

    My fave is cinnamon.

  5. Jennifer Collins says:

    I love cinnamon in sweets, and garlic for cooking

  6. Tina Nguyen says:

    I love cinnamon! Awesome giveaway ♡

  7. Tanja says:

    I love rosemary

  8. Hiep says:

    Basil , especially for spaghetti.

  9. Debbie N says:

    I love basil.

  10. Emily Conway says:

    If you mean a spice for cooking, cumin is my absolute favorite!

  11. soozle says:

    I love cinnamon – I use it in so many dishes and even in my coffee

  12. Danie M S says:

    I would have to say that my favorite spice is cumin or curry spice. They both taste so good in many dishes.

  13. Tava says:

    Garam Masala – sweet and savory and out of the box!

  14. Mary Songer says:

    My favorite spice is cinnamon. I’ve used it in sweets and savory dishes.

  15. Brandon Sparks says:

    My favorite spice is Basil.

  16. Monica M says:

    My favorite spice is garlic!

  17. Linda says:

    My favourite spice is cardamom. I just discovered it last year.

  18. Jeanna W says:

    My favorite is cinnamon

  19. Amy rice says:

    Cinnamon would have to be my favorite.

  20. donna porter says:

    My favorite is cinnamon.

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