January 31st Giveaway – (all welcome)

  • $1000 Cash Giveaway
  • Buy-in: $45 USD
  • Coupon: Sign up before January 10th and take $5 off
  • Payment Link: paypal.me/sbcgiveaways
  • Discount: Refer 5 friends & get a FREE spot
  • Instagram: @sbcgiveaways

If you haven’t done a giveaway with us before please read all the instructions, it is very important:

Payment info:

  • Buy-In: please refer to each giveaway for buy-in amount
  • Please include email, IG name, and date of giveaway in the comments – very important

Giveaway Info:

  • Instagram group messages will be sent the day before the giveaway
  • Giveaways run for 72 hours
  • Please make sure you accept IG requests from @sbcgifts as this is how we communicate during the giveaways
  • We can’t do refunds
  • Post Times – 4PM PST/5PM MST/6PM CST/7PM EST

Giveaway Format:

  • Giveaways will follow the new format
  • No looping
  • We will direct people to @sbcgifts and ask them to follow our “follow list”
  • They will need to comment on the photo when done
  • They will receive bonus entries for liking the last 3 photos on each account