Each month we team up with Gift Collective to co-host an Instagram Giveaway and would love for you to join us. Our next giveaway is September 17th – 23rd (Back to School)

Here’s how it works:

Who: Subscription Box Accounts Only

Starts: Monday September 17th

Ends: Sunday September 23rd

What: 30 Second $500 Sub Box Gift Card Giveaway

Post Time: 4:30pm PST

Cost to Join: $35 USD

Gift: Winner will receive a $500 gift card to the subscription box of their choice (or 2 – $250 GC’s)

Why We Love It: Join as a host and you have a chance to be the sub box who receives the $500! In addition to increased exposure and gaining new followers!


  • Please send payment via PayPal to [email protected]
  • Please include your name, IG account & email in comments
  • DM’s will be sent the day before the giveaway with posting instructions
  • DM’s will come from @thecollectivegift – please check your requested DMs
  • IMPORTANT – Once the giveaway is full they will make a note on the giveaway photo – HERE


With an Instagram giveaway, the host of the giveaway provides a graphic that participating accounts will post at the same time. Next, users are asked to follow everyone in the giveaway (anywhere from 20 – 45) to enter and get a chance to win the prize.

For a “30 second” giveaway hosts (@giftcollective) create a separate Instagram account dedicated to the giveaway. Then, users are asked to to “follow their following.”

Everyone will post on September 17th at 4:30pm PST. The winner will be chosen the following Monday and they will get to choose which subscription box they would like to receive the $500 credit to. For example, if they choose your subscription box you would be given the $500 in order to provide the credit to the winner.