ElleBox is Now Blume

ElleBox recently made an announcement that they are changing their name and revamping their subscription offering. Here’s a note from the founder…..

 “Hey, you look a little different.”

Thank you for being on this journey with us so far.

We can’t tell you how much we value your support of Ellebox and our mission to make periods and self care everything they deserve to be. Together we have smashed stigmas and shattered ceilings. 

We are growing and with that growth comes change! We’ve rebranded and we’ve launched some new products. We wanted to fill you in on the news!

Our New Name:

Our new name is Blume! For growth. And a nod to one of our favorite childhood authors, Judy Blume, who so beautifully captured the struggles and beauties of the transition to adolescence.

Are we still the same company?

Absolutely! We are still the same female founded company — that believes in great quality self-care products, organic tampons and you! Our main focus remains to ensure we deliver the best experience to you.

Stay tuned for reviews, deals, spoilers and more……




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