New Book Subscription Box: Book Trotters

New Book Subscription Box: Book Trotters

Book Trotters is a flexible and customizable book subscription box for kids from newborn to teens. Accommodates multiple readers of different age groups.

How It Works:

  1. You choose if you would like the books chosen at random of selected from a wish list
  2. Choose which plan based on how many readers
  3. Choose between a 1 month, 2 month or 3 month subscription

When you subscribe to the Book Pack subscription service, you will get a notification that will lead you to the Reader Profile Questionnaire. This Questionnaire is very important to personalizing your Book Pack.

To Learn More about Book Trotters – CLICK HERE

Box Details: 2 to 3 board books/hard cover books, up to 5 paperback books. It varies depending on value of books selected by the subscriber. Subscribers can select their books by maintaining a wish list on our website.

Thoughts: I love this subscription even more after reading up about them. They are dedicated to bringing families closer together through reading books. Each book is wrapped individually and labeled for the reader. Such a simple and thoughtful way to make the reader feel special.

Question: What is your favourite book to read as a family?





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