New Coffee Subscription Box: Pick A Cup

New Coffee Subscription Box – Pick A Cup

We are very excited to introduce you to a New Coffee Box!

Pick A Cup is a monthly subscription box that delivers 24 single serve coffee pods right to your door every month, whether you want to enjoy your coffee at home or at work.

How It Works: Every box has a minimum of three varieties of coffee to let you discover new loves. Enjoy the possibilities!

  • Choose from: light, medium, dark, flavoured or decaffeinated
  • Can’t decide? Choose the mystery box containing a mix of roasts
  • Try the trial box for $9.95 or only $9.75 on a 12 month subscription

Box Details: A total of 24 single serve coffee pods including a minimum of 3 varieties based on preference (light, medium, dark, flavoured, decaffeinated, mystery).

To learn more about Pick A CupCLICK HERE

Thoughts: I love first and foremost that this is a Canadian box! I also love the idea of having my coffee shipped straight to my door every month! Love it!

Question: Are you going to give Pick A Cup a try?





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2 comments on “New Coffee Subscription Box: Pick A Cup

  1. Am I the only one who finds the cost very high?

    1. Yes, now that you mention it. We will have to do a little more research on this. It the pricing they sent us is correct that would make each pod approx $1.75.

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