New Fitness Subscription Box: KomFuel


KomFuel is the nutrition subscription box for the sports enthusiast that wants the flexibility to personalise their exact nutrition plan, delivered directly through their letterbox.

How It Works:

If you opt to let them populate your weekly plan, then they use the information you have provided when you set up your account to make sure you have just the right amount of calories (energy) to fuel your training for the hours you have specified. They also calculate the optimum amount of calories needed to prepare for the training and the protein required to recover from it.

Box Details: Exactly what you select from the nutrition brands they stock!

Brands Stocked: 32Gi, Battle Oats, Beet-It, Bollox, Bounty, Cherry, Active, Chia Charge, Clif, Elivar, Firestar, Fori, Go Faster Food, GU, High 5, Lucho Dillitos, Mars, Mule Bar, Nutristrength, Oompf Energy, OTE, Picky Bars, Powerbar, Precision Hydration, Quest Bars, Raw Bite, Romneys, Salt Stick, SIS, Snickers Protein, Sport Beans, Tailwind, Torq, True Start, USN, Zipvit

Thoughts: Perfect box for the athlete on the go. I love that they can cater your box to the proper calorie intake of your exercise program!





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