New Fitness Subscription: HIITit

It’s January and most of us have made new commitments for the New Year.  Some of those will include reaching fitness goals we have set for ourselves. Statistics shows that most of us won’t keep that commitment. Regardless of how busy you are, we have a solution for you. Here is a workout that can fit into anyone’s schedule. It is a high intensity 12 minute (yes, 12 minute) workout that will transform how you see exercise. You will sweat! And most importantly, you will see results!

Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life with just 12 minutes a day of exercise? Receive awesome, kick-butt, 12 minute full-body workouts delivered right to your email inbox every day of the year with

Chelsea & Mel will walk you through each exercise. There is always a modified version for those starting out. Every 12 minute workout has four exercises that they promise will work your entire body. All four exercises are repeated 3 times.

Are you ready to get in the best shape of your life? Come along with us for the ride. Sarah will  be reviewing HIITit every month.





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