New In the Directory: Adults & Crafts

The Adults & Crafts Crate sends an engaging DIY craft kit complete with necessary materials and instructions. Each kit can be either used around the home or displayed for all to see, plus you’ll learn new craft techniques every month.

Want to turn those fascinating Pinterest projects into a reality? Love to craft, but just can’t decide on one type of hobby because you love them all? Want to get into a crafting routine in the most convenient way imaginable? The Adults & Crafts Crate is for you!

  • Each kit complete with necessary materials and instructions
  • Free shipping to the USA!
  • Cancel anytime, no minimum length commitments
  • Gift your projects as thoughtful, personalized gifts
  • Have fun learning a variety of craft techniques

Box Details: Craft Materials, Tools and Instructions!

Thoughts: I love the idea of crafting, but for me I usually can only accomplish the Nailed It version of Pinterest, if you know what I mean;) I love that this crate provides all the tools and easy to follow instruction for a simple process!

Question: Are you a crafter?





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