New in the Directory: Fitted Tot

Fitted Tot is an unlimited baby and toddler clothes subscription box service. They have a wear and return system that allows customers to use our clothes for as long as they’d like and then return them for more.

How It Works:

Subscription Options:

Benefits of Membership

  • New styles for your child whenever you want!
  • No hassle and clutter of outgrown clothes
  • Lighten your laundry load – We do the laundry for you
  • Less time shopping with the kids
  • Peace of mind – No charge for damaged or stained clothes
  • Free Shipping both ways

Box Details: 1 pair of pajamas & 4 play outfits!

Thoughts: What!?! Where was this when my kiddos were toddlers! I am also shocked at the price and I’m sure I spend at least the membership price on clothing for my son on average every month as he either outgrows or destroys his clothes on the daily!

Question: Will you be checking out this subscription?





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