New In The Directory: Italian Fable

Italian Fable will show you the shortcuts to Italy’s most secret gourmet paradises! Every month you’ll receive a selection of Italian specialties you have never tasted before. Each of these delicacies is 100% Italian. A strict selection of producers from the different regions of Italy has been made in order to offer you only the utmost Italian excellence.

How It Works: 

  1. Choose Your Subscription
  2. Get your box once a month
  3. Try the recipes and enjoy!

Subscription Options:

Box Details: 7 food items to prepare a complete Italian meal for 3/4 people: an Aperitivo, a Primo piatto and a dessert.

Thoughts: Delish! I love Italian food, especially pasta! I had a quick peek at past boxes and most include some sort of gourmet pasta and delicious accompaniments!





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