New in The Directory: ZenPop

ZenPop is a Japanese one-time purchase box service. Choose from Beauty, Stationery, Noodles, and Candy Box to Treat yourself depending on your mood!

ZenPop offers the following boxes:

  • Japanese Sweets Pack
  • Japaneses Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack
  • Japanese Ramen Pack
  • Japanese Beauty Pack
  • Japanese Stationery Pack

Box Details:

  • Japanese Sweets Pack – 14 or more items per pack
  • Japaneses Ramen & Sweets Mix Pack – 2-3 Noodle Bowls + 6-8 Japanese Snacks
  • Japanese Ramen Pack – 9 or more items per pack
  • Japanese Beauty Pack – 8 or more full & travel sized products
  • Japanese Stationery Pack – 12 or more items per pack

Thoughts: Talk about one stop shop. Who hasn’t thought about picking up some ramen noodles and stationery and the same time? Ok, so maybe that’s a stretch but it is fun that ZenPop offers choices without any commitment required.





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