New In The Marketplace: Dot Boxx

We are so excited to welcome the latest addition to the AYOB Marketplace: Dot Boxx

Dot Boxx is a monthly care package for females of all ages. Boxxes are available with or without period essentials. Choose your ship date, the exact number of pads or tampons needed to get you through the month; PLUS, up to 3 absorbencies…. doesn’t get anymore flexible than that!

Good to Know: They seek out different, practical skincare, beauty and artisan products for you to try each month, so you don’t have to! Basic boxxes include all of the basic essentials needed to get you through your period; plus, a killer snack pack. Their premium adult and teen boxx include up to 4 hand-picked products; plus, up to 5 full-size and snack-sized snacks, YUM!

Why We Love Dot Boxx: They understand that us girls need to be pampered and taken care of a few days a month and they are up to the task! 

Welcome to the Marketplace Dot Boxx!




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