New In The Marketplace: Sanaya Set

We are so excited to welcome the latest addition to the AYOB Marketplace: Sanaya Set

The Sanaya Set curates intentional lifestyle products from intersectional brands that enhance your beauty inside and out by elevating social justice and self-care. Each item is carefully sourced to ensure it aligns with their principles, which are guided by intersectional feminism. They donate 10% of net proceeds to charitable organizations fighting for our future.

How it Works:

They curate intentional, socially conscious products to enhance your beauty inside and out. Join the Sanaya Set movement to receive new collections each quarter, or purchase individual collections and items from their Intersectional Marketplace.

They source products primarily from womxn-owned businesses, with an emphasis on businesses owned by womxn of color and those from marginalized communities. They also work with fair-trade organizations that elevate womxn globally.

10% of net proceeds from each collection go directly to rotating charitable organizations that demonstrate their core values. Additionally, 10% of net proceeds from the Intersectional Marketplace go to Women for Women International.

Welcome to the Marketplace Sanaya Set!




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