New In The Marketplace: Sphynx

We are so excited to welcome the latest addition to the AYOB Marketplace: Sphynx

The Sphynx 3-in-1 portable razor is designed to let you shave on-the-go. Sometimes, you run out of the house and realize you missed a spot shaving. The good news? We run where you run. Each one comes with a water spray bottle, pre-shave bar & two blades! Razors start at $14.99 and monthly refill subscriptions are just $7.99!

Shave it, refill it!

Each refill pack contains:

  • One (1) moisturizing pre-shave bar
  • Four (4) razor blades

Did you know? We designed Sphynx with single-blade razors so that there’s less clogging and it’s easier to clean, making it ideal for shaving on-the-go.

Now, you’re always prepared to shave on-the-go!

Welcome to the Marketplace Sphynx!


Our razors let you shave outside the shower!

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