New Ink Subscription: HP Instant Ink

New Ink Subscription: HP Instant Ink

HP Instant Ink is a subscription service of printer ink that is charged on a monthly basis according to the amount if pages that you print (not the amount of ink used). This service removes all stress from running out of ink as all eligible printers send out notifications when your ink runs low, prompting a new cartridge to be sent to you right away with no interaction necessary.

 To find out if your printer is eligible or to find out more about HP Instant InkCLICK HERE

Thoughts: Well this subscription seems like a no brainer to me. If you’ve ever gone to print a last minute project or paperwork and run out of ink you will know exactly what I mean. This service strikes me as a perfect solution for a small business or a home that prints frequently.

Question: Have you run out of ink lately?





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