New Panty Subscription Box: Something Sweet Undies

Something Sweet Undies is a fun and cool clothing brand with a cause. They make fun products that are comfortable to wear everyday. Your undies are not something everyone will see… but they should make you happy and feel sexy. It can be very powerful!

How It Works:

  • Choose your Style
    • Thong
    • Non-Thong
    • One of Each
  • Choose your Size
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large

Subscription Options:

Monthly Recurring –  Fun and sexy women’s underwear subscription, 2 pairs of premium undies every month for $11, shipped free to your door!

Box Details: 2 pairs of panties (thong, non-thong, mix)

Thoughts: We love our Underwear Subscriptions almost as much as our Time of the Month Subscriptions! There is nothing better than new underwear, especially pretty ones like these!





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