Ava Bracelet Review: Smart Ovulation Tracking Bracelet

2018 has been a big year for me so far. Not only am I planning a wedding, but we are also shopping for a new home and……..we are trying to conceive!!! All of this is very exciting, but it’s also very stressful.

Let’s talk about trying to conceive (TTC) specifically. I had NO clue how difficult and stressful it would be. I constantly hear people say that you won’t conceive if you are worrying about it too much and my first thought was……why on earth would it be stressful…..just have sex and go about your daily life. Boy was I wrong. Trying to conceive is difficult in a normal situation but factor in a fiancé who works out of town 3 weeks out of the month and your stress level jumps up about 10 notches.

This is where the Ava Bracelet comes in! I’m in a position where tracking my ovulation is a must. It’s extremely important for my fiancé and I to know when I am ovulating so we can plan his work schedule around it. Yup, you heard that right. My fiancé plans his days off according to my cycle. How’s that for romantic. But…..that’s just the reality of our situation. So, imagine how excited I was when I discovered Ava Bracelet – a smart bracelet that will track your fertility, pregnancy and health – all while you sleep!!!

Let’s go over all the specifics:

What is Ava Bracelet

Ava is a wearable medical device in the form of a comfortable bracelet that helps you track your cycle, fertility, or pregnancy.

My Ava Bracelet arrived in a brown mailing box and this cute little blue box was tucked inside. The Ava Bracelet retails for $249 US but I have a coupon code for $20 off your purchase.

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Once you open the box the bracelet is tucked inside. The sensor is on top and the band is underneath.

How Does It Work

The Ava Fertility Tracker is for women who want to monitor their health for trying to conceive or getting to know their bodies.

The Ava Bracelet is a completely unprecedented method of tracking a woman’s cycle. While you’re sleeping, Ava’s sensors collect data on nine different physiological parameters. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more.

Other methods of fertility tracking rely on only a single parameter, and thus cannot provide a complete picture of your fertility in real time. Ava detects the very first signs that the fertile window is beginning, and confirms when it ends.

And because Ava is a wearable device, it provides accurate information about your cycle with minimal user effort. Wear Ava when you sleep, and wake up to insight.

To get started you simply attach the sensor to the band, plug it in and charge it for 2 hours prior to wearing it.

Then you will want to download the Ava app from the App Store or Google Play Store. After you register on the App it will prompt you to pair your Ava Bracelet.

What Does It Track

The Ava Bracelet tracks nine different physiological parameters all of which help determine your fertile window:

  1. Skin Temperature – The temperature of your skin at your wrist.
  2. Resting Pulse Rate – How often your heart beats per minute at rest.
  3. Breathing Rate – Rate of respiration per minute.
  4. Heart Rate Variability Ratio – The lower your HRV ratio, the less stressed you are.
  5. Perfusion – The process of supplying blood to the tissues of your body.
  6. Movement – Ava tracks your movement with an accelerometer.
  7. Bioimpedance – Bioimpedance measures the resistance of body tissue to tiny electric voltages.
  8. Heat Loss – Heat loss is closely related to the onset of sleep.
  9. Sleep – Total sleep hours and ratio of light to deep + REM sleep.
Who Can Use Ava Bracelet

The Ava Bracelet isn’t just for women trying to conceive. It can also be worn while you are pregnant. On the App they have a Pregnancy Tracker mode that you can switch to once you’re pregnant.

The pregnancy dashboard gives you week-by-week explanations about what to expect in each week of pregnancy to share insight into the physiological changes you’re experiencing.

You can also use it to simply track your cycle. I personally think this is a great option. I started tracking my cycle a few years ago via a period app and found it extremely helpful. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to connect monthly symptoms to your cycle. For example, I now know that I get anxious 2-3 days prior to my period and also right around ovulation. It gives me piece of mind to know that my mood change has to do with my cycle as opposed to just some random symptom.

Why We Decided to Use Ava Bracelet

As I mention above, my fiancé works out of town 2-3 weeks out of the month. This makes it extremely difficult to conceive, especially if you don’t know when you are ovulating. Sure, I could use my period app and plan my fiancé’s days off according to when that tells me I am ovulating, but that isn’t nearly as accurate as the Ava Bracelet. I need to know exactly when I am ovulating and I need a bit of notice which is exactly what Ava provides.

Is it Easy to Use?

Now for the last and most important question……Is it easy to use? Well, I wanted to be able to go through the unboxing and set-up with you and be able to give you my honest “first” impression so I haven’t actually tested the bracelet out yet.

To be totally honest, I felt a little overwhelmed when I first received the bracelet because the technology is still fairly new and the tracking data is a little foreign to me. Luckily, Ava has a lot of information on their website and they also have a support group on Facebook. I also think that once I have worn the bracelet for a few days and had a chance to look at my charts on the App I will feel way more comfortable with things.

Ava Bracelet: Initial Thoughts

Today’s Ava Bracelet unboxing was a first look, a little bit of an FAQ and an overall first impression. I will do another unboxing in a couple of months once I’ve had a chance to wear the bracelet and become familiar with my charts and data tracking. Overall I am impressed. I think there was a need in the market for a bracelet like this. Not only is it useful for us ladies to be able to track our ovulation, I also think it is very important for us to be able to track our cycles in general as a way to get to know our bodies. This little bracelet is exactly what my fiance and I need and I am beyond excited to test it out.

Stay tuned for an update & hopefully with some good news………

And don’t forget about the coupon code……

Coupon Code: Use code BOXES to get $20 OFF your Ava Bracelet – CLICK HERE





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