Enso Rings Review: The Modern Alternative to Metal Rings

2018 has been a big year for me so far. At the very end of 2017 my boyfriend of two years proposed. In addition to planning a wedding, we are also shopping for our forever home and trying to conceive. So many things going on and so many things to plan.

First and foremost, we need to plan the wedding. My fiancé and I aren’t your typical couple. We tend to do things differently. For example, we aren’t actually having a wedding. We are going to have someone come our house to marry us, we are only going to invite our parents, we are going to go out for simple dinner afterwards, and we are going on a fun little road trip for our honeymoon. As you can tell, I am all about simplicity and convenience. Simple makes me happy, as does convenience.

So…….when my fiancé (who works out of town as a welder) jokingly suggested that we get “rubber” rings for our wedding bands I was like “YES…..wait, is that even a thing?” I had no clue silicone wedding bands were even an option. But the moment he suggested it I jumped on my laptop and started Googling. Enso Rings was the first website I came across and within 5 minutes of browsing their site I was sold.

So what are Enso Rings………

What Are Enso Rings

Enso Rings are the most stylish, versatile silicone rings and silicone wedding bands on the planet! If you have an active lifestyle, or if you work with your hands for a living, then you know traditional metal bands and unique wedding rings get in the way of just about everything! Hard, metal bands jack your hands up when you’re lifting, doing pull ups, climbing, or pretty much anything involving your hands. They created Enso Rings because they had finally had enough of losing their wedding rings, getting massive blisters from their wedding rings, and NEVER wanting to wear our wedding rings!

I feel like Enso Rings were custom made for me. First of all, it is extremely important for my fiancé to have a work-safe wedding band. I’ve heard horror stories of men in my fiancés line of work who have had accidents due to their metal rings. That alone was reason enough for me to agree to silicone wedding bands.

In addition to that, I am an extremely active person. I am constantly on the go, working out, hiking, cleaning, organizing, washing, etc….As a result I have only been wearing my engagement ring when my fiancé and I go out. I don’t want to wreck it and I certainly don’t want to lose it. With Enso Rings I feel like I can wear my wedding band 24/7 without a care or worry in the world. If I lose it, no big deal, and if I wreck it……again, no big deal.

Ring Options

Enso Rings has a ton of colours and styles to choose from. This was another reason I was drawn to this particular brand of silicone rings. In a way it’s a bit of a problem because I want every color and every style.

To start with we received a black and gold ring for myself, and a silver and black pearl ring for my fiancé. 

Let’s have a quick look…..

Black Infinity Collection Ring

Rings are a universal symbol of eternal love and devotion. No ring shows these heartfelt emotions better than our Infinity Collection. Each ring features our endless infinity design. Express your undying commitment. Wear your heart on your finger.

First up we have my Black Infinity Collection Ring. It features an endless infinity design, it is lightweight, flexible and super cute. I love the way it looks, I wouldn’t necessarily wear it with my engagement ring, this is one I would wear on its own daily. 

Gold Elements Collection Ring

Silicone rings aren’t all created equal. We designed the Elements collection to capture what generation after generation has adored about traditional rings—precious metals. Infused with the purest of the pure, each Elements ring exhibits the style, comfort and safety of silicone infused with timeless luxury.

Next up we have my Gold Elements Collection Ring. I love that it goes with my engagement ring. That way I can stack them together or wear it on it’s own. 

Men’s Elements Collection Rings

My fiancé received two rings from the Elements Collection, Black Pearl and Silver. I think he is going to love both of these. They are simple, classic and understated. He hasn’t seen these yet as he is away at work, but he knows they arrived and he is super excited to see them. 

Enso Rings are flexible, lightweight, I can barely tell they are in my hand, and durable. They really are the perfect alternative to metal bands. 

In addition to the rings we received they also have the Stackables Collection, of which I am obsessed, the Legends Collection and the Ultralite Collection. 

What About Sizing?

I have to admit. I was a little worried about sizing when I first started researching Enso Rings. I knew my ring size but my fiancé had no clue what his was. In addition to that I wasn’t sure if they fit true to size. But…..I’m happy to report that sizing wasn’t as big of an issue as I thought. I ordered size 5 which is my regular ring size and both of my rings fit perfectly. As for my fiancé, I simply followed their sizing guide, had my fiancé measure his finger while we was at work and ordered the size that the Enso Rings website suggested. They say that if you fall between two sizes you should size down because silicone rings will stretch a tiny bit. That’s exactly what we did with my fiancé’s rings and they fit perfectly.

Enzo Rings Final Thoughts

Overall I am EXTREMELY happy with our Enso Rings. They are absolutely perfect for our lifestyle. I won’t have to worry about my fiancé wearing his ring to work, and I myself won’t have to worry about wrecking my ring or losing it. I will feel comfortable wearing my Enso Ring day in and day out, and it will be perfect for travel. I already have plans to purchase a few more……if that tells you anything:)





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